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I’m about to launch into helping out a friend with some goals of fund raising for a trip into the wild.  Where?  She’s going to follow the John Muir Trail which is a 211 mile trek.  At first this was a trip for fun but then I told her about getting some kind of sponsorship.  After doing some research, I found a couple of places that are offering grants.
The National Geographic seems to have a couple of grants that they offer.   We have to read the fine print for this one to figure out if she qualifies.  Plus, there’s a great chance to get featured in the magazine.

The cool thing with the American Wilderness Coalition is that they don’t have any due dates for the grants.  Which means we can apply at any time.  I like how the narratives should be no longer than 3-5 pages.

There’s a chance we can get this one too.

Majority of her equipment is from REI and most of her clothing is labeled with REI.  So why not try to get a grant from them.  Most of their awards seem to go to convervation efforts.  Hopefully this one will work out.

Thankfully she’s an expert at grants and this stuff shouldn’t be too much of a problem for her to get.  Then maybe, I get to host the website.

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Edel Alon
Edel Alon
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