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Navy Water Rates on Guam to Increase

Is it me or does anyone else see that this is a 6.58% increase?  I’m not sure if it’s noticeable in your bills but to put it in perspective, did any of you get a 6.58% raise this year?

Starting Oct. 1, the Navy will be charging Guam 26 cents more per thousand gallons of water.

The change from the current rate of $3.80 per thousand gallons to $4.06 was announced Friday. In a news release, the Naval Engineering Command Marianas stated the new rate was “consistent with the Navy’s promise toward graduated adjustments designed to minimize financial impact” to the Guam Waterworks and Power Authorities.

It also brings the rate more in line with what has been charged to Department of Defense customers on the island, the release said.

The command said the adjustment is based on the current cost of producing drinking water for the base and other customers in the southern villages of Agat, Santa Rita, Piti, Nimitz Hill, parts of Asan and Maina, and the Apra Harbor area.

Edel Alon
Edel Alon
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