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Stan Lee Exclusive Comic-Con Interview

Thanks Inside Gaming for posting this great interview with Stan Lee at Comic Con!  Stan Lee is a true visionary.  All of his work has been amazing.  I like watching the evolution of my kids and cartoons.  While they follow DC characters because of Batman cartoons, they give more attention to all of the Marvel characters more–their super powers, skills, abilities, etc…  In other words, in a battle of “who’d win”, they pull out their Marvel characters before any DC characters.

In the interview, Stan talks about what’s next for comic book characters.  While he believes that the pinnacle of comic book characters are video games where you can control each character he did mention that the next possible step would be bringing these characters to real life.  Imagine that, real comic book characters running around battling each other.  My adult life makes me worry about insurance costs from all the collateral damage.  Time for me to buy another comic book.

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Edel Alon
Edel Alon
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