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University of Guam Receives Sea Grant Extension Program Grant

University of Guam

The University of Guam received the first year of funding for a Sea Grant Extension Program grant amounting to $70K for 2009 and a total of $370K over the three-year grant period ending in 2011.

“One of grant’s objectives is to work with the Guam Department of Education in enhancing its K-12 science curricula by focusing on environmental science activities relevant to our oceans and our ways of life,” said Jason Biggs, assistant professor at the University of Guam’s Marine Lab. “Our children will become more aware of the importance of our marine resources and coral reefs and gain a greater understanding of how these delicate ecosystems contribute to our overall quality of life. We also hope to instill the concept that each one of us can easily become part of the solution to environmental degradation.”

Environmental stewardship, long-term economic development and responsible use of America’s coastal, ocean and Great Lakes resources are at the heart of Sea Grant’s mission.

The overarching goal of the UOG Sea Grant Extension Program is to enhance understanding of coastal processes in ways that promote the use of sustainable practices in human activities and result in improved conservation, protection and maintenance of coastal resources and property.

Grant objectives include:

  • Improve public and government agency awareness of coastal processes; promote stewardship of coastal resources and develop a marine education extension program in collaboration with public, private and government stakeholders
  • Work closely with policy makers by advising and assisting in developing novel approaches that will achieve sustainable use of coastal resources
  • Develop, produce, and distribute informational literature and media products that expand knowledge of the intricate links between land and sea and the benefits of using ecologically sound development practices
  • Enhancement of information and data for decision-making and management of coastal resources, fisheries and ocean-based businesses

“Using previous Sea Grant funding, the UOG Sea Grant is conducting an island-wide needs assessment for coastal marine resources issues and priorities, and is assembling a Sea Grant Advisory Board to create a long-term strategic plan for UOG Sea Grant in Micronesia.” said Biggs.

“We look forward to this project, and to the future development of a full-scale Sea Grant program at the University of Guam,” said UOG President Robert A. Underwood.


Sea Grant is a nationwide network (administered through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), of 32 university-based programs that work with coastal communities. The National Sea Grant College Program engages this network of the nation’s top universities in conducting scientific research, education, training, and extension projects designed to foster science-based decisions about the use and conservation of our aquatic resources.

For more information contact Jason Biggs at 735-2696 or [email protected] or Elise Ralph at 2170 or [email protected].

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Edel Alon
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