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Upcoming New Band: Phoenix and the Flower Girl

All the way from Tokyo and London, there is a new band on the music industry that definitely worth your time. Phoenix and the Flower Girl is an audio-visual duo that consists of the producer Phoenix Troy and the director Flower. They are living between London and Tokyo, so this is certainly something that affects their music.

The First Steps

They have already made more than 1.5 streams, and Spotify has chosen this band as another track to its ‘New Music Playlist’. People have already started to embrace them, and it is no wonder why.

The Specific Identity

There is an element of phantasmagoric electronic influence that spreads across their music. While listening to their tracks, you will be able to identify certain R&B influences along with some garage and J-pop. You will absolutely love this band, no matter what your music preferences are. Well, I have a handful of friends who’d enjoy this type of music.

The New Video

Recently, Phoenix and the Flower Girl released a music video for the track ‘Baby’s Breath’. This amazing track is taken by the awesome debut of those to the UK greenhouse. This stop-motion clip of the track is one of the 6 pieces of art that have been creating on the EP.

This is the ultimate collaboration sign between the producer and vocalist Phoenix Troy and the artistic director Flower.

Troy’s Explanation

In an attempt to make his vision clear to people, Troy attempts to share his dream and ideas. The title ‘greenhouse’ was selected in order to represent the cultivation of certain plants under specific and controlled conditions. This truth applies to people as well, to Troy’s mind.

People are all living under certain and given conditions. Much like a plant in a greenhouse, a person needs to grow old and serve specific purposes. This is what this album is all about.

How People See It

Up until now, most music fans have embraced this debut album of Phoenix and the Flower Girl. Their work seems genuine and very artistic. This is why many people are already downloading the tracks or are listening to them online.

Al of the band’s tracks is available online and free. This is another thing that separates them from many other upcoming bands. All you have to do is search for their tracks, and you will be able to listen to their magic.

The Next Steps

Though this band seems a lot promising, it seems like we do not know their next steps yet. Of course, it is going to be a band with several different influences, operating in two different countries.

Hopefully, there is more to them down the road. For now, their new tracks are all you will need for a relaxing time at your home. Later on, there is no doubt that they will do live concerts and they will release several new albums to the public.

If they continue to share their music for free, people will continue to embrace it from all over the world.

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Edel Alon
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