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Morakniv Bushcraft vs Benchmade Bushcrafter vs ESEE 4

I was putting together my bug out bag survival kit and I was wondering why I highlighted my Ka-Bar and Seal Team Elite. While I love those knives, I was thinking what if I wanted to carry something smaller and more of a bushcraft type of knife. The reality is that if we had to rush out in an emergency, I’d be carrying something a little smaller and lighter. For that, I’d probably go with one of the knives below.

Morakniv Bushcraft

I was first introduced to this knife from my brother. I was really impressed with how sharp the knife was and how it was really easy to sharpen. At first, I didn’t like the rubber feel of the handle and the plastic feel of the sheath but I do appreciate the weight. This knife is made in Sweeden. Many YouTube bushcrafters have this knife or at least versions of them. There are even people who have modified the sheath by adding other survival necessities. The bushcraft, like most of the other Moraknivs, has a hidden tang. I’m not sure how it would handle if I tried to use the handle as a hammer.

Benchmade Bushcrafter

After I visited Benchmade’s corporate headquarters I was quickly drawn to the brand. The Bushcrafter has been in and out of my everyday carry. This is the most expensive knife of the 3. I think I might treat it differently than the other because of the price. Overall, I love this knife and carry it more than the Morakniv.


This knife was gifted to me because I wanted to test out the blade. I heard many good reviews of it and sure enough, this knife does wonders. My favorite feature of this build are the removable scales. Depending on what you’re doing you’ll probably want a different color/feel for your handle. My favorite color is orange so that’s why I have orange scales. More importantly, it’s easy to find. I do love the full tang. I know I can go out and use that handle without fear of the knife breaking.

Here is a side by side comparison

Morakniv – Bushcraft Black

Benchmade Bushcrafter


Overall Length 8.6″ 9.15″ 9″
Blade Length 4.1″ 4.41″ 4.1″ (cutting) 4.5″
Product Family Bushcraft Black Bushcrafter ESEE4
Country of Origin Sweeden USA USA
Finish DLC None Texture Powder Coated
Blade Steel Type High Carbon CPM-S30V 1095 Carbon Steel
Handle Material Plastic G10 G10
Hardness 58-60 58-60 55-57
Sheath Color Black Tan Black
Product Weight 8.1 oz 7.72 oz 10 oz
Blade Thickness 0.24? 0.164″ 0.165?
Product Type Fixed Blade Fixed Blade Fixed Blade
Lanyard Hole No Yes Yes
Engravable Maybe Yes Maybe
Edge Type Straight Straight Straight
Blade Shape Drop Point Drop Point Drop Point
Handle Color Black Green Orange
Sheath Included Yes Yes Yes
Sheath Options Plastic Leather Kydex
Edge Angles 22 Degrees 30-35 Degrees 20 Degrees
Blade Width .126″ .164″ .188?
Butt Cap/Guard None None None
Grind Scandi Sabre with edge grind Flat



With all that said, which one would I carry with me?


Depends on where I am and where I’m going.

Scenario 1

You’re in the middle of North America surrounded by big trees and large game.



Scenario 2

You’re in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Nothing but fish and marine animals with an occasional clam to eat.


Morakniv Bushcraft

Scenario 3

You want to look like you know what you’re doing.


Benchmade Bushcrafter

Scenario 4

You need to get a job done no matter what and don’t care about the blade as much as human life.



Scenario 5

Going to cut some meat.


Benchmade Bushcrafter


These blades each serve a purpose. If I had to order them by first grabs, I’d go ESEE, Benchmade, then Morakniv. I feel that the Morakniv has a blade made for finer knife duties while the ESEE and Benchmade are more for the go out and hack stuff.

I do not like folders because of a fear of knives closing on me. It did happen to me as a child. Unfortunately, since I cannot see the tang on the Morakniv, I do not have a good amount of confidence when wielding it.

What’s your bushcraft of choice? For fairness, with a blade length around 4″.

Edel Alon
Edel Alon
Edel-Ryan Alon is a starving musician, failed artist, connoisseur of fine foods, aspiring entrepreneur, husband, father of two, geek by day, cook by night, and an all around great guy.


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I was putting together my bug out bag survival kit and I was wondering why I highlighted my Ka-Bar and Seal Team Elite. While I love those knives, I was thinking what if I wanted to carry something smaller and more of a bushcraft...Morakniv Bushcraft vs Benchmade Bushcrafter vs ESEE 4