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How to Adjust Your Lifestyle to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Although only a few really expected it, the coronavirus is here to stay. Our everyday lives, businesses, and personal relationships are affected by it. Chances are, the impact is going to be long-lasting. The state of emergency we are all in creates serious health issues at worst and discomfort at best. Even if we are lucky enough not to suffer any long-term consequences, we still need to be able to adapt to these new circumstances.

Many predict that the impact of this disease is going to be worse for the market than the crash of 2008. If you add the health consequences, it is quite clear that this won’t be something you can just shake off. Regardless of your industry and your location, it’s time to face the challenge. From mental and physical health to finances and friendships, changes are coming. The best way to overcome the negative impact is to get ahead of it and start adapting to the new reality we are all in.

We Are All in This Together, So Make Sure You Know How to Be Alone First

Although this may sound difficult and unexpected in times of solitude, the best way to tackle these new challenges is to spend some time alone. Why is this important? People around you, business partners, health workers, and government officials are going to impose some restrictions, expectations, and behaviors on you. It matters a lot that you can handle it. In addition to obeying the safety precautions, you need to make sure that you are doing what is best for you.

Perhaps you would like to spend this time completely alone and not being productive. Some people might feel the urge to remodel their entire house. Others will appreciate this time to focus on work projects, play with their kids, or they might simply want to indulge themselves. All of those things are the right way to handle the pandemic. After all, everyone is different and copes with stress in their own way. Therefore, you must spend some time alone and figure out what works for you before you listen to anyone’s advice. Which leads us to another tip, a very important one – put yourself first.

You Have to Put Your Mask First – No Matter What Anyone Says

When an airplane is experiencing turbulence, they always tell you to put your mask and vest on before you take care of your children or the elderly. This is a very practical example of something that therapists have been saying for years – the most important thing is that you take care of yourself first.

Let’s say you listen to our first advice, you spend time alone and decide that during this time of crisis, you will put your family’s needs above all else. Although that is admirable, it could mean that, in a couple of weeks, you will be completely exhausted, stressed out, and maybe even physically sick. Don’t get us wrong, you should take care of others. But not at the expense of your own wellbeing. If you aren’t feeling okay, ultimately, you won’t be able to help anyone. Have that in mind before you make any big decisions.

Make Priorities and Plans on How to Stick To Them

Once things start to change, especially if that happens quickly and drastically, chaos tends to emerge. That disorder is shown through excessive stockpiling, a new wave of conspiracy theories, and general disruption to our everyday lives. Your normal activities are inevitably going to be disrupted, there is no point in fighting that. So, your job is to figure out what you can’t do without and make it a priority.

Come up with a list of things that need to stay in your life regardless of the circumstances. Start with your obligations regarding your work, previous arrangements, family, and house chores. Add to the list all the activities that were usually part of your day and that bring value to you – hobbies, time with friends, music, etc. Maintain your positive habits, like working out, and adapt them to the situation if needed. In the end, make sure to include things that you do for pure pleasure – watching TV shows, taking excessively long bubble baths, or just drinking a glass of wine before going to bed.

Optimize Your Surroundings, Supplies, and Processes

Once you have the list of activities, come up with a plan that includes all the lifestyle adjustments that need to happen according to the conditions of the pandemic. Some things you might need to consider are the lack of commute, working from home, no childcare, limited time for shopping, and less contact with the outside world. Moreover, think about the ways to reduce the negative impact. Consult with your friends, look up working hours and restrictions online, and have family members you respect verify your plan.

In times of uncertainty, it helps to cling to something that brings us stability and adds a sense of normality. Some ideas we can share with you is to plan your work week in advance, come up with the lunch menu a couple of days ahead, and schedule obligations, as well as personal time, in advance. Even just knowing that you will call your mom every morning at nine can bring the much-needed routine to your very hectic new lifestyle.

Don’t Forget to Feel Joy

If you spend a lot of time online during these times of crisis, it is undoubtedly going to have an impact on your mood. As the number of affected and victims rises, you will go through a rollercoaster of emotions, like worry, panic, or guilt. It is important to be aware of the situation, but it isn’t necessary to keep track of every change. The state of emergency tends to make us agitated, anxious, and even depressed, just waiting for the next bad news.

In your personal life, and in the lives of your family and friends, there is still plenty to be happy about. There are still reasons to be grateful, energetic, excited, and filled with joy. Allow yourself to feel all of these emotions without any guilt. Like we said, take care of your health, and put your needs first. That is the best way to survive any dramatic event, even when it is this widespread and devastating.

Edel Alon
Edel Alon
Edel-Ryan Alon is a starving musician, failed artist, connoisseur of fine foods, aspiring entrepreneur, husband, father of two, geek by day, cook by night, and an all around great guy.


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