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Boneless Prime Rib Temp

People ask me about how long to cook prime rib for in the oven…do I go low and slow…high, then low. There are too many factors when it comes to calculating when your roast is done such as environment, grill, oven, is the temperature gauge correct, is it raining, what’s the weather like? All these factors come into play when cooking and if I told you something like 19 minutes a pound, I’m sure it will not come out the same.

While I remember, you should take it out a few hours ahead of time to help your oven grill cook the meat.

The best solution is to stick a probe into the meat and let it go until it comes to temp. That temp should be about 10 degrees lower than what you would like it to be.

This last roast, I pulled it out at 125. It ended up going up to 135 degrees to make a nice medium-rare cook.

Rare – 125°F | 52°C
Medium Rare – 135°F | 57°C
Medium – 145°F | 63°C
Medium Well – 150°F | 66°C
Well Done – 160°F | 71°C

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