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Goal Setting

Do you know how to set goals? Does a list of goals guide your life’s success? Do you even know what the term goals mean? In my case, I have had issues with developing goals in my past experiences, and in most of my few successes (like 20%), I never had intentions to guide me. After I began to set goals, have seen a considerable difference where I have achieved about 60% to 80% of success.

Generally, what I am trying to say is that goals are a fundamental aspect of the survival of human beings. Goal setting is one of the most embraced elements in the modern world. It is used to help many organizations, institutions, and businesses to have success in their objectives. Moreover, people use goal-setting in their careers, have healthy lives, and do normal things at home. But the main question is, what are goals, and how can I set them to work for my benefit?

Definition of Goal setting 

Goals setting is the action of selecting an objective that one desires to achieve. Generally, goals are different depending on the values, lifestyle, and state of success. Everyone’s goals are always unique, which means you do not need to have identical goal setting to someone else. As a result, the definition of goal setting can be different according to the process of identifying the things that one wants to create and achieve.

The best thing about goal setting is that when you learn to have to set goals on one thing, it will become easy to make goals for other things in life. This means that learning how to set goals progressively will help you desire to achieve more in life. Small goals are known to make people progress in life, which is an essential part of your life that will make you have happiness.

Importance of Goal Setting in Life

Goal setting is a significant aspect of life because it helps people have focus and make the right decisions. Having the ability to set practical goals makes a person be able to measure their progress, visualize their dreams, and overcome procrastination. Generally, if you don’t know what to do in life, you can choose to plan on what you want to do through creating goals. Goals work as a vehicle that can drive you to any place you desire. Secondly, goal setting will help you to be accountable for the choices that you will make in life. Whether you are setting goals for your personal life or work talking about your goals to others makes it possible to follow it to the end.

Why you Should have Goals

Goal setting is important because it promises a better ending. Whether you want to enjoy your hobby, starting a new relationship, starting a family, looking for a new job, or planning for the future, setting goals will help you to expand and grow, making you get out of you to contort zone and achieve things you have never imagined. To have a fulfilled life, people need to make goals so that they can fell in control of different situations in their lives. As Tony Robbins claims, “Progress equals happiness,” and setting goals is the first step to achieve that.

How you Need to Set Goals

People have tried to set goals, but they have not been successful because they don’t follow through to the end. This brings me to the part where I ask you, have you ever made any goals? Do you still set goals? Have the goals ever made your life better? Some people think that they know how to set goals, but they never achieved their objectives because they never followed through to the end. What makes it hard to achieve some aim through setting goals it is because the same goals are not inspiring. Generally, people are more likely to sacrifice time, energy, and money to what they love. As a result, people should use the same energy to set their goals. Just think of jail as a dream that has an end. The next thing that you have to do is to develop a blueprint that will help you achieve their objectives.

3 Steps for Goal Setting 

Step 1

The first thing that you need to do is give yourself 10 minutes to develop a list of things that you would like to create, achieve, or experience in the future. Your future can be one day, a week, a month, or 10 years. Don’t limit yourself on the things that you want; write as many things as you desire.

Step 2

After writing down what you want to achieve, take another 10 minutes to break, then come back and write one day, week, month, and a year. Now take your choice that you want to achieve after the next 10 years and divide it into small goals that can be achieved in a day, a week, and in a month. Make sure that you are realistic when assigning time estimations on each divided goals. Step 2 needs about five minutes to finish, so trust yourself.

Step 3

Now check your list and choose the top five things that you believe are very important in your life. Take those things and list them according to the way you want to achieve and assign them according to goals to be delivered in a day, a week, a month and a year. In every goal, develop a paragraph explaining why and how you will make it, thus leading you to get what you want at the end. Step 3 is supposed to take about 10 to 20 minutes.

Make sure that you get a diary that you will be recording your daily progress and rewarding yourself after a month has past and looking for solutions where a problem occurred before you move your own. Majorly, every step that you take in achieving your goals will give you the confidence to obtain whatever you desire in the future.

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