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3 Unconventional Choices You Can Make For Your Wedding

Are you starting to think about planning your wedding? If so, then you have a lot of choices ahead of you. You might already be getting headaches because of everything that you need to think about. It’s fair to say that there’s also a lot of traditions around weddings but you don’t always need to follow them. You can go your own way and here are a few unconventional choices that could be more beneficial than the norm, even if they’re not quite as widely embraced. 

Let The Bride Choose Her Own Engagement Ring 

The argument here is that if you know the one you are going to marry, then you should be able to select an engagement ring for them. But, perhaps this isn’t the case. After all, an engagement ring is an incredibly special piece of jewelry and it’s something that they’ll likely wear for the rest of their life. As such it does need to be perfect and it needs to help secure the ‘yes.’ It doesn’t all come down to the ring obviously but it certainly goes a long way to help and there are so many different choices. You should explore a site such as https://www.whiteflash.com/engagement-rings/ to begin looking for engagement rings.

However, letting your bride choose is becoming far more popular. 

Making Your Own Invites

Invites for a wedding are often the first expense that you’ll encounter when planning for this day. You might be a little nervous about the cost here and that’s totally understandable. It’s important that you don’t start causing your budget to balloon immediately and you won’t have to. Avoiding this is a matter of making sure that instead create your invites.

With a little DIY and some research online exploring sites such as https://spark.adobe.com/make/invitation-maker/wedding/ you’ll find this a lot easier than you might have presumed. As well as saving money, you can also guarantee that your invites look absolutely incredible and stand out. They won’t look like they have come from a cookie-cutter. 

Some Place Different 

Finally, there are numerous popular wedding venues around the world and some are probably local to you. But it might be worth thinking outside the box to ensure that you discover the perfect, magical place to get married. Did you know that you can be wed in Disney World? It’s true and they even have a stunning wedding pavilion. It doesn’t come cheap and the cost is about $50,000 but it might just be worth it. The service is amazing and getting a character to show up makes it more interesting. You’ll have an amazing wedding that is sure to be remembered for a lifetime. Alternatively, these days, you can even get married in more wonderful places like underwater surrounded by an array of different sea creatures. Underwater weddings are popular in tropical places such as the Maldives. What better way to begin your Maldives honeymoon?

We hope this helps you realize that you don’t have to follow the crowds with your big day. You can be a little more unconventional and make some choices that some people might think are a tad outside the box. Ultimately, it could just make the celebration of your love even more special. 

Edel Alon
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