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7 Reasons You Need A Wedding Planner For Your Special Day

Wondering if you need a wedding planner for your special day? You probably feel you’ve got what it takes to plan your wedding since you’ve been waiting for this day all your life, and still have that cute diary filled with cutouts of your future wedding cake and dress. The truth, however, is that wedding planning involves much more than a dress and a cake. It also involves finding the right baker to bake a tasty cake and a boutique that can squeeze you into their ever-busy schedule.

It involves finding a venue, hiring a florist and so many other things that may leave you exhausted on your wedding day if you tried to tackle them yourself. So yes, you do need a wedding planner to help coordinate your wedding.

Still not convinced?

Okay, let’s delve further into all the benefits a wedding planner offers below!

Budget management

Sticking to a wedding budget is quite tricky when you know you can always squeeze out some extra dollars to get a different dress or cake. But then, after repeatedly squeezing out more than you budgeted for, you may eventually put a hole in your pocket.

Wedding planners prevent this from happening. They make sure all the vendor quotes, venue fees and cost planning fit nicely into your budget, saving you money in the process.

They actualize the vision

What is that vision you have for your wedding? Do you want a destination wedding on a beach in Fiji? Would you like to recreate the legendary wedding scene in Crazy Rich Asians? Or do you want something cozy and intimate in a garden? Whatever it is, a wedding planner will bring it to life!

A professional wedding planner who has been in the industry for years will know the best venues and vendors to hire so that you can get the wedding of your dreams –and they do this within your budget!

They keep it all stress-free

The last thing every bride wants is to look stressed and tired on her wedding day. Wedding planners make sure this doesn’t happen. The only work you have to do with a wedding planner available is taste cakes, try on wedding dresses and then show up at your wedding. Everything else will be handled by the planner who will take note of what you want and provide you with options to choose from. Once you do, the planner will proceed to bargaining, purchasing and organizing.

They get you discounts

Wedding planners do not just stick to your wedding budget, they also get you discounts where they can! Most wedding discounts do not appear on the papers but because planners have been in the business long enough, they know what services require discount and make sure you get them.

They coordinate the entire event

A wedding planner takes charge of your entire wedding, not just the venue rental or transactions with vendors. This means that they have the full picture in their minds and will be bringing the parts together to make it whole.

When you hire a wedding planner with an impressive portfolio, you can sit back and relax knowing your special day is in the right hands.

They answer the questions

Wedding planners answer any questions you, your spouse or your family members have concerning your wedding day. So instead of scrolling through the internet every second or answering a million and one questions from your guests, you can direct them to your wedding planner while you just chill.

A perfect day with your spouse

Weddings typically are a once in a lifetime affair. This makes it essential that they are as close to perfect as possible. To achieve this perfect day though, you need to invest your time and put in weeks/months of hard work. Luckily, wedding planners can take care of it all. They take on the brunt of the work and bring your vision to life. This makes it an even more enjoyable day for you and your guests!


Hiring a wedding planner right away will save you from making mistakes that could ruin your big day. So give that wedding planner a call today! Check out Edel-Ryan to plan your wedding.



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