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How to Restore Your Headlights

One of the ways to make an old car look new is to restore the headlights. Headlights will become cloudy over time. Most of this is really from the amount of dirt, dust, and rocks that end up hitting them.

The best way to do this is by using a motorized polisher. While you can do it by hand it will be a lot faster with a polishing tool.

Next, you’ll need to cover the paint with tape so you don’t remove too much material from your paint. The other option is to pull out the headlights. Do the simple version. There are some headlights that are easy to take out.

We’ll assume you’re going to use a polisher. Now what kind of compounds do you use? Polishing compounds follow similar number conventions that sandpaper uses. The lower the number, the more grit it contains. Also not, you’re pretty much wet sanding down the clear coat of your paint.

For our purposes, we use Chemical Guys products. They make it simple with their system. Other systems are great too so pick the one that has product near you.

The process is to start with the 32 and polish away. Never staying in 1 spot for too long. Then switch to another pad and move to the 34 or 36. Polish away. Then move to the 38 with a new pad.

Once you’ve gotten a thin layer brought down evenly. The final step it to protect it with a seal. Follow the directions.


Finally, add some wax to the headlight. Yes, you can wax your lights…and also your windshield.

before polishing

polished right side
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