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How to Plan a Wedding – “New Normal” Guide

Whether the unpredictable pandemic situation will improve around the globe or not is something we cannot know for sure. However, one thing is certain, we must accept the “new normal” outcome and continue with our daily routines, this includes wedding planning. Unfortunately, the entire wedding industry has been hit hard due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so it’s in our hands to maximize protection and aim for safe and care-free reception. As many wedding vendors, party organizers, and other caters are slowly but surely reopening their business, couples that have either postponed their wedding ceremony or have just got engaged can start planning their wedding. Here is a thorough guide on how to plan your wedding while following all the health and safety requirements and procedures. 


Opt for outdoor venues

Since COVID-19 has been utterly effective even during hot summer days, it’s hard to pinpoint the ideal wedding date, health-wise. However, most medical experts have noted that it’s advisable to have mass gathering outdoor rather than indoors. Hence, if you strive to organize a larger event (bear in mind that up to 150 is ideal in the current situation) then go for an outdoor venue. Luckily, spring and summer weddings are always dazzling, and nowadays you have numerous outdoor venue selection, so that won’t represent a vast issue.


Check your budget

No matter the situation, setting a clear budget should always be your top priority when planning a wedding. Most vendors and supplier may have raised their prices to recompensate for the loss they suffered due to COVID-19, so setting a higher budget is welcomed. Tally up your savings, determine the venue, suppliers, and even check the small but crucial items like ring selection. Figure out what kinds of rings you desire, check out the new collection of Moon Magic rings as wearing gorgeous wedding embellishments is the gateway to perfect marriage.


Be mindful with the guest list

As social distancing is immensely vital, it could be hard to hold a big reception. Given the ongoing COVID-19 impact on weddings, you should trim down your guest list and inform people that it won’t be safe to attend the wedding. Your loved family and very close friends should be by your side, but if you are in a high-risk area you might want to inform some distant acquaintances that they cannot be there due to unfortunate health hazards. All the people who love and respect you will be there to celebrate the most romantic day of your life, and others should be mindful of your decision.


Consider getting wedding insurance

Future brides will already have a lot of things on their minds, let alone worry about health regulations. Since this has become a “new normal” outcome, looking into wedding insurance is the safest, and sanest way to make sure everything will go down smoothly. If you are planning a wedding during a coronavirus pandemic, it’s advisable to get wedding insurance. Not only will you save yourself the additional costs and losses if something gets canceled, but you will have extra protection due to other unpredictable weather outbursts for insurance. Desperate times call for desperate measures, so you’d better get it asap. 

Sanitation and other safety guidelines

It goes without saying that proper health regulations must be followed to keep both you and your guests safe. The reception area, venue and other premises where you will be staying at must be thoroughly microbiologically and airy disinfected. This implies wiping all the objects (doorknobs, chairs, tables, etc.) with 1% sodium hypochlorite or phenolic disinfectants. Using sanitizer with 70% of alcohol will surely kill all the germs as well. Personnel and other employees should wear protective face masks and gloves, and carefully and regularly wipe clean all the surfaces.

The safety and well-being of all your guests are at your hands. Once you sort that out in the first place, you can go dress shopping and cake tasting with ease and rest assured that you will have a flabbergasting day to remember for eternity.

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