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Five Tips To Look After Your New Car

When you get a new car, it’s like a new phone or property, you want to look after it as best you can. That means no drinks in the car to avoid spillages to parking right at the back of a grocery store car park to ensure no one knocks into your car. They’re all precautions that are only right to make when you buy a new car as it’s no cheap purchase. Here are five tips to look after your new car so that it has that “new car feel” for as long as possible.

Keep It Clean

Firstly, it’s important to keep the car clean, and that includes getting it cleaned both on the inside and outside. Exterior cleaning can be done very easily by taking it to a nearby car wash, but it’s also something that’s useful to do at home, too, if you have all the relevant materials. Make sure that you’re checking the products you buy to ensure it all goes appropriately to the brand of car you have. Some are going to be made with different materials in mind, so be extra vigilant. A car wash that’s done for you is less hassle on your part, but it can end up being quite costly if you’re getting it done once every couple of weeks or so.

For the interiors, this is an area of the car that’s likely to get a lot dirtier in a short space of time. A good way to keep on top of it is to make sure you have a car bin to put all your rubbish in and that you’re taking this out every time you use the car. By doing this, you’re going to keep on top of anything that comes into the car that ends up being chucked on the floor or stuffed down the side of the door. It can easily be forgotten about, otherwise!

Be Careful Of The Brakes

It’s important to take care of the parts of the car that are essential for your own safety. These are the engine, the brake pads, and the wheels that keep the car turning. The brake pads can be something that’s essential should you ever find yourself in a dangerous situation, and you need to brake fast. It can help you to avoid the scenario of dealing with expert car wreck lawyers if your brake pads are in good condition. Of course, accidents can happen regardless, but if you’re more careful and your car is in a good way, then it can certainly lessen the events of a crash.

Change Your Oil

The oil in your car is something that drivers will tend to forget and instead rely on their local car shop to sort it out when it comes in for any health check-ups. However, it’s good to be aware of what oils go into your car and how often you should be topping this up but also changing them.

The oil keeps those essential parts of your car lubricated to avoid any erosion or problems within the car itself. If you’re not sure what oil is needed, then check with your car provider or with a car engineer who will know exactly what you need. Then you could take it upon yourself to do it on your own or get a professional to do it for you if you’re not sure. However, there are plenty of helpful resources online to utilize.

Keep Your Tires Pumped Up

Your tires are important to keep pumped up at a level that makes it safe to drive. Too much, and they could end up bursting but not enough, and it could cause them to rip. That’s why it’s good to pop into your local fuel spot to get your tires pumped every so often. It’s fairly easy to do, just like when you’d pump up the tires to a bike as a kid. Stay on top of checking them as and when you remember so that you can remind yourself to do it when needed.

Properly Store Your Car

Finally, when it comes to storing your car, it’s important to find the best shelter to keep it safe from damage. If you have a carport or garage, utilize this space for the car. If it’s on open space and you’re not using it for a while, try and find some sheeting or a cover that you can put over it.

Use these tips to keep your new car as new as it can be for longer.


Edel Alon
Edel Alon
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