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Top 5 Breathtaking Vacation Spots in the Philippines

Are you looking for exotic travel destinations this coming holiday or on your vacation? You need to consider your budget, the climate, exciting culture, etc.

The Philippines is a perfect destination for you! They have friendly and warm-hearted locals everywhere. Not to mention the 7,641 islands to choose from for nature lovers. You can take perfect postcard-like pictures with you.

Most travelers find the Philippines as a great travel place for their islands and beaches. Diving enthusiasts can’t get enough of the best diving spots. Each destination offers delicious dishes you would love to taste.

Travelers love to experience grand Pinoy festivals. The locals show their creativity and culture.

Here are the best travel destinations in the Philippines you can enjoy!

1.   Explore the Breathtaking Hundred Islands

Close to paradise! Breathtaking 124 islands located in Alaminos City, Pangasinan. Can you imagine mushroom-like islands surrounded facing the sparkling blue sky?

Start exploring the islet within islands. You would enjoy swimming in pristine clear water and try the snorkeling activity.

The islands are famous for colorful tropical fish. You would be lucky to see the world’s most giant clams called “Taklobos.”

Aside from beach bumming, camping, picnicking, complete your travel with hiking. Hike the peak of Governor’s Island to see the breathtaking view of the hundred islands. Perfect for sunrise and sunset viewing!

2.   Experience the Hispanic Era in Vigan

Vigan City in Ilocos Sur recognized as New7Wonders City and UNESCO World Heritage. You don’t need to travel to Spain as there are few Hispanic towns left here. The structures are intact, and its European architecture is unique!

Explore Calle Crisologo’s famous preserved street made of cobblestone. Ride a kalesa (horse-drawn carriage) while looking at the ancestral mansions.

Indulge yourself in native food products and souvenir shops. Visit the National Museum of the Philippines and pay homage to Vigan Cathedral.

Take a picture of the best view of Bantay Church Bell Tower. Situated on a hill and you would see the overlooking view of the Bantay district. Immersed in the rich Hispanic culture of Vigan!


3.   Experience Boracay Featured as Best Islands in the World

If you are a beach enthusiast, Boracay Island is as popular as beaches in the Caribbean and in the South Pacific.

A small island in the Visayas region captured the heart of the travelers. The White beach has 3 boat stations filled with shopping stores, food hubs, resorts, and bars.

The fun activities are limitless such as:

  • kite surfing on Bulabog Beach
  • watch catamarans sailing of the shore
  • enjoy live music at night and fire dancing
  • eating and drinking on the beachside
  • visit zipline park and ride a zorb
  • island-hopping
  • experience parasailing and kite surfing
  • explore bat caves
  • relax and pamper yourself in spas
  • learn freediving and scuba diving

4.   Fall in Love with Siargao

How can you not fall in love with Siargao, the north coast of Mindanao? The majestic beaches, scenic attractions, and surfing sites said it all! Local and international surfers and every tourist would love the excitement here!

Surf in the well-known Cloud 9 surfing area. A wonderful place to take photos and take a stroll along the boardwalk.

Swim with protective footwear in the Magpupungko rock pools. The water is bright blue and very clear, perfect for snorkeling!

Enjoy the best top dining spots located in General Luna from Filipino to Western dishes. Shop in their eco-friendly stores selling reusable and sustainable products and handicrafts. You can rent a motorcycle and bicycles to have freedom in exploring the island.

5.   Venture out in Panglao Bohol

If you want to relax and enjoy the sunset, swim with the turtles, or jump of the cliffs, Panglao Bohol is the place for you!

Do not leave Panglao without jumping in the Alexis Cliff Dive Resort. You can have a diving board for cliff jumping, it’s safe and exciting!

See the world-famous Chocolate Hills, which turned brown during summer. Complete your tour and meet the tarsiers at the Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary.

Swim with the colorful fish and turtles at Balicasag Island. Best spot for snorkeling!

Be amazed by the underwhelming caves in Asia, the Hinagdanan Caves. There is a magnificent pool inside with cold and clear water.

The sunset, the tranquility, and serene ambiance would make Panglao the destination for you!


More Fun in the Philippines

There are so many places you can explore in the Philippines. No wonder why it remained the most attractive tourist destination in Asia. From rich historic landmarks, arts, and culture to natural wonders of nature. The distinct tourist offerings would complete your bucket list in one stop. The places, the food, the locals, you can say that it’s really more fun in the Philippines!

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