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Gifts to Give Kids Still Locked in the Home

The past year has been a weird one alright and most of us have already had to deal with the kind-of stripped-down party with few invitees that have become so common as a result of the quarantine. Now that we’re looking at a second year of being locked down for potentially most of it, you might want to make your kid’s birthday special, but how do you do that? Here, we’re looking at some of the gifts that still have their magic, no matter where they are.

Take to the sky

If your kids are a little older and starting to get interested in tech, then you might want to show them that it can exist outside of their digital screens. Remote control drones let them take to the sky and explore the world in a way that not only is blocked off to them right now but also gives them a brand new perspective on the world. Camera drones are also great for helping them build on a fascination with photography that many kids are growing up with nowadays.

Motoring around

If your child is a little too young for a drone but old enough to love exploring, then there are ways to help them get around in style. If you have a sizeable garden or a safe environment that you’re comfortable with watching them roam around, then a Power Wheels car can be the perfect way to help them do it. Children love these motorized vehicles, in part because they help them emulate the driving of their parents, and kids love to make-believe they’re adults.

Get them expressing

You might not always have space or the weather to enjoy the outdoors with your kids, of course. For that reason, it’s a good idea to have plenty of play indoors you can take advantage of, too. All children have creative energy and it’s important to give them the tools they need to exercise it. Finding a great art kit for your kid can give them all the room they need to explore the world inside their head. When moments of inspiration strike and they don’t have a way of letting it out, you can be you’re going to have to deal with their frustration, otherwise.

Something to do together

You shouldn’t just be encouraging your child to entertain themselves, of course. You should be making plenty of time to play with them as well. Aside from dolls, figures, and other toys that typically great for make-believe, older kids are going to prefer slightly more structured forms of play, as well. A little competition can do the family a lot of good, after all. To that end, you should look at some of the family board games currently on the market.

Children can get bored easily, but they can also forget the stresses of being locked in the home easily if given the right tools. Hopefully, the presents above give you some idea of what those tools can be.


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