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Protecting Your Motorbike Or Car With Suspension Servicing

For those that have moved off stock suspension, it is a great idea for you to get them checked regularly. Aftermarket suspensions are built for specific purposes and tend to need more maintenance. 

If you own a motorcycle or car of any sort then the importance of finding the best suspension servicing company cannot be stressed enough. Your suspension is one of the most pivotal components of the motorcycle. It affects the handling of the bike. Thus, if your suspension is damaged then you can be putting yourself at risk. 

The main cause of damage is because people do not have their suspension serviced frequently. If you participate in frequent servicing, as you are meant to, then you can ensure your motorcycle lasts you for years and years to come. Moreover, you are likely to avoid any costly repairs in the future as well. This means you have more to spend on fun elements of your car or motorbike, and you can read more about this online. So, keep on reading to discover all you need to know about finding the best suspension servicing company for you.


What does the servicing entail?

Almost every company involved in this field will offer a suspension servicing, yet what is provided in this service will differ from place to place. You need to make sure you are getting your money’s worth and benefitting from a comprehensive suspension servicing. The company should strip all of the internals down. They should be looking out for any wear. They should polish the bushes. They should look to see whether any parts need to be replaced – and replace them if this is the case of course. You must be certain that all aspects are covered. 


Don’t just look for a company that has been in existence for several years, but make sure the team is experienced too. They should all have extensive knowledge regarding the motorbike industry. The best suspension servicing companies are a mixture of professionals; some who have a good history of racing whilst others who have been involved in the engineering side for an extensive period of time and have all the necessary qualifications. 


Quality equipment and supplies 

You may utilize the best engineers and technicians on the planet, however, if they don’t have high-quality equipment and supplies then it is going to show. This is especially the case when it comes to greases and lubricants. This is the only way to ensure a smooth and plush ride.


Cost of servicing

When it comes to the cost it is a bit of a juggling act. You don’t want to go for anything that is too cheap because you run the risk of inadequate service. Nevertheless, you obviously do not want to spend extortionate amounts of money on suspension servicing. Please bear in mind, if you bring the whole bike or vehicle in then you can expect to pay more money as the technician will have to remove and re-fit the suspension. 



And last but not least, it is always a good idea to read reviews that have been left by previous customers. This ensures you don’t fall into the trap of any poor quality companies. After all, if a business has a bad reputation then it will be instantly recognizable through doing a bit of digging online. 

For those of you near San Francisco, California, check out Sake Bomb Garage in Fremont. They are a great shop where they tune Ohlins (one of the best suspensions out there).


Edel Alon
Edel Alon
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