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4 Apps To Help You Maintain Your Vehicle

To keep your vehicle in great condition it’s important to keep on top of your maintenance checks. Maintaining your car can help you to reduce depreciation and to improve the lifespan of your vehicle. To help you to organize your car maintenance, these apps are well worth downloading.

1 . Drivvo

The Drivvo app can help you to manage your maintenance needs and fuel economy, it’s essentially a finance manager for your vehicle. Using Drivvo you can access fuel efficiency reports, and learn how to make savings for your car.

With the help of Drivvo, you can get maintenance reminders, and log services performed whether it’s a brake check, tire rotation, or an oil change. It’s a particularly handy app for those who use their vehicle for work. Drivvo can help you to record revenues, and track tax info.


2. Car Minder 

 Using the Car Minder app you can book and track your car maintenance. Car Minder allows you to track all of your vehicle checks and store these in the app. Car Minder records your fuel economy, saves your repair history, and notifies you when your car is due a service. App users can benefit from plenty of cool features including:

 Fuel charts for gas consumption.

  • Reordering of vehicles.
  • Built-in services.
  • Alerts when services are required.
  • Record of repair history.

The app can help you to manage your maintenance needs, save money, and increase the life-line of your vehicle.


3. Torque Lite

The Torque app is a handy mechanics tool, helping you to understand faults with your vehicle. If you’d like to try the repairs yourself, the app can offer advice, and help you to clear the trouble codes. With this app, you can take advantage of features like:

  • A car HUDS display.
  • See engine faults and displays.
  • Use Google Earth to export files.
  • DTC codes and fault codes.
  • Customize the dashboard as you wish.

You won’t be able to fix all maintenance issues yourself, but you can troubleshoot at least a few, saving you a bit of money. With a little help from the app, you’ll soon be a car maintenance whizz!


4. FOBO Tire

The FOBO Tire app can help you to track tire pressure, ensuring that you’re always driving with correctly pumped tires. FOBO will send you an alert if the pressure is incorrect, or the tire is flat. Using the app you’ll benefit from tire sensor notifications and monitoring around the clock. The app is simple to install and you’ll also gain access to anti-theft features and a simple tire rotation procedure. Maintaining the correct tire pressure is important to stay safe and to reduce your fuel consumption.

Looking after your vehicle is a great way to save money in the long run, and there are many other ways to save on your vehicle costs. Whether it’s improving your fuel economy or choosing the right car insurance, there are lots of options. To learn more about the best car insurance packages check out Call Wiser.

Edel Alon
Edel Alon
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