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How to Invest Your Money and Make a Profit

If you’ve got some money set aside that isn’t invested it could be an opportunity wasted. If it’s sitting in a bank account it’s invested anyway, only for a very small rate of interest. By picking the best avenues and investing in the right way, you could significantly increase the money you have saved and use it for holidays, houses, or for further investment. 

Stock market

Even people who don’t know about investing know what the stock market is, but they may not know how it works. This can intimidate many people and put them off investing their money in stocks and shares that could translate into lucrative short and long-term profits. 

In short, the stock market is a place where stocks and shares are traded. A company’s stocks are all the company’s assets in the form of shares. These can be traded on the stock exchange. You can learn more about how to trade for profit on the stock exchange using Internet videos. 

Property Investments 

Do you live in rented accommodation, or do you have a mortgage? Either way, investing in real estate is an excellent way to secure your future and create a second income. People of all ages and income levels invest in property and make a profit. 

There are several types of property that are particularly good for meeting these objectives. Local houses and flats are excellent for seconding incomes but if you want a profitable long-term investment opportunity, you might consider overseas property, like the ruma flats and bungalows. 


For those who are risk-averse but still want to dabble in the world of investing, consider bonds. Bonds are issued by governments and companies. They are sort of like a loan and represent a way of encouraging individuals to find their business. Bonds tend to offer low returns but they are almost risk-free. 

When buying bonds you can choose from government bonds or ones issued by private companies. Different bonds have different criteria. Some of them offer an annual or bi-annual dividend, others provide you with interest or enter you into a lucrative prize draw. 

Mutual Funds

When you invest in a mutual fund, you give your money to a pool of investors who invest that money in a range of companies for you. The way the funds are invested determines the level of profit you will receive. There are two main ways of investing: actively and passively. Decide which you want to back before committing your funds. 

When a mutual fund is operated actively it means that your mutual fund manager closely monitors the market index and looks for ways to outperform competitors. The passive approach is slightly different. The mutual fund manager will still monitor the market but the results will be less dynamic. You will receive profit based on market fluctuations.  

Exchange-Traded Funds

Exchange Traded Funds or ETFs are also good for beginners who want to earn some profit investing. They are similar to mutual funds but offer a more diverse portfolio that helps to limit risk. Like mutual funds, ETF are sold on the stock market. 

When you invest in mutual funds your profits are calculated at the end of each day of trading. This represents the asset value of your investment. ETFs work slightly differently. ETFs operate in real time and are based on the market index. The diversity of stocks traded with ETFs limit the risks and make them ideal for beginners. 


In recent years – since 2017 to be exact – cryptocurrency has become a viable investment option for many serious market traders. That’s because the major financial centers decided to accept cryptocurrency. This is good news for those who want to try investing but limit their risk. 

Since 2017 the number of cryptocoins has significantly increased. In general crypto coins that offer a variety of pros and cons – choosing one to invest in comes down to personal choice and should be researched thoroughly. However, there are some exciting opportunities to earn short and long term profits. 

Fixed Deposit

One way to earn a profit on your funds is to find a good fixed deposit account to invest them in. Typically, your current bank account will offer you interest on your funds but it is generally low, around 0.5%. It would take you a lifetime to save anything on this rate unless you have a significant sum in the account.

A fixed deposit account is a special account that provides a higher interest rate for this type of investment. If you think your money will be idling for some time why not seek out a good fixed deposit account for your money. These can be found online and offline, they usually return wholesome profits. 


If you’re thinking about investing, you might first think about real estate, the stock exchange, or cryptocurrency. You might not consider gold as a first-time investment opportunity. However, there’s a reason why gold is such an excellent resource to invest in. 

Gold offers you both low risk and opportunities to profit. Even if the market sinks right down, as it has done recently, gold still holds its value. Furthermore, gold allows you to borrow against it. If you need a personal loan from the bank, for instance, you can use your gold investment as capital. 

Blockfi Account

As mentioned above conventional banks offer very low rates of interest that are hardly worth your effort when attempting to save. It’s much better to seek out better options like a fixed deposit account, an open savings account, or a Blockfi account. With a Blockfi account your money is turned into a cryptocoin and saved. You accrue interest over time and your funds are easy to access and change back to fiat money. 

Online Savings Account

In the same line as Blockfi account and fixed deposit accounts, open savings accounts give you better opportunities to increase your dormant funds. They are slightly more conventional than the Blockfi accounts – operating much like a standard savings account but with better rates – but they are very easy to find and use. These accounts will give you consistent returns on your money in a risk-free way.


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