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Answering Your Electric Car Questions!

An electric car could be something you’ve been thinking about for a while; however, if you want some questions answered about them, you’ve come to the right place! By looking at a car supermarket, you can shop for any type of car you wish, even if it isn’t electric. However, if you are wanting to make the switch, you should be aware of some of the burning questions that first-time buyers have.

Should I buy an electric car if I can not install a private charging station?

An electric vehicle is suitable for those who have the possibility to install their own charging point, either in the private parking lot at home, at work or, anywhere else that they own. Those who can not install such a charging point can enjoy the use of an electric vehicle but will need to rely on the use of public stations, which, at this stage are not very common. There may be a longer waiting time when using public charges but there are talks to create user-friendly stations, where people can get food and drink and even exercise whilst waiting for the charge.

Is it better to charge the electric vehicle in a fast charging position, or at a private establishment (ie. home/office)?

On a daily basis it is better to charge in the private station, both due to a charging rate that will usually be cheaper and due to the great convenience of charging away from the public. Public charging stations (standard or fast) are suitable for those who cannot install a self-parking station and for those who plan a long trip. It should also be noted that increased use of public stations for fast charging may result in accelerated wear and tear on the vehicle battery. 

Is it possible to charge an electric vehicle in the rain?

Definitely. The electrical system is well isolated from the environment and through computerized management, the electricity does not flow until the system is closed and secured. Charging an electric vehicle in the rain isn’t dangerous at all, and as we have said, the entire electrical system is well insulated inside the car and there is no danger of electric shock to you or anyone inside.

What happens when the battery runs out?

Just as the smartphone will turn off at the end of the battery capacity and will be required to connect to power, so will an electric vehicle – it will simply turn itself off. Unlike a smartphone that can be attached to a portable battery, or a petrol car that can be equipped with a spare can of fuel, an electric vehicle will not really be able to use a portable battery at this stage and will require towing to a charging station.

Since electric cars are still new on the market, you are not likely to run into problems with your electric vehicle’s battery, especially if you keep up with all the needed maintenance. However, if your Battery EV’s (battery electric vehicles) start to show signs of battery or charging issues, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the manufacturer or dealership. These issues can be both dangerous and affect your investment.


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