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Choosing Music for Your Wedding

Wedding music is one of the traditional forms of wedding entertainment. Selecting the right music for your wedding day is essential because it plays a significant role in remembering your entire wedding. Your wedding music will start from your walk down the aisle to when the last song is played to bid you and your guest goodbye. So, if you don’t want to ruin it, here are some tips when it comes to choosing your wedding music.

Don’t Limit Yourself

One of the things that makes a great wedding is a personalization. Instead of going for what is the norm, why not choose music that represents you as a couple. Try to make your wedding’s music experience as fun as possible by incorporating things like a table dance-off, a dance battle, and other ideas that will get your guests excited.

Familiarize Yourself with Your Wedding Music Timeline

Usually, when you talk to the band or DJ that you’re hiring for your wedding, they’ll be able to talk you through the kinds of music that you’ll need for the different parts of your wedding. If you haven’t spoken to them yet, here’s a general guide for that. It could change or alter based on the kind of wedding that you are having.

Your Ceremony

You’ll need music about thrice when it comes to your wedding ceremony. The music played at the beginning to let your guests know that you’re ready to get started. After that, is the one for your wedding march and when the bride walks down the aisle. The kind of music here depends on what you want and the type of ceremony that you are having.

Your First Dance

For your first dance, it is best to choose a particular song for you and your partner. If you don’t already have one in mind, you can start by looking at genres that you both like. Narrow it down to the song that you both like from there. You could also consider choosing a song for your “first dance” based on lyrics that you both relate to.  

Your Reception

You should probably give your DJ or band free rein to do what you hired them for at your reception. Their years of experience will help them know how to read the crowd and know what song to play and when.

Have a Don’t Play List

Most entertainers will send you a full playlist of the songs you’ll hear at your wedding so you can double-check it. If you see any songs that you do not want to be played because they bring bad memories, make a list of them. You can then send this back so that they’ll be aware. It’s your wedding, and we want good vibes all night.  

Choose Something Thoughtful

It’s vital that you can choose something thoughtful to listen to or play on your wedding day, as it’s an event that focuses around emotion, love and the passion that you and your partner share with each other. Opting for a song that you both know and appreciate will of course be far more suitable than a new song that you’re yet to form an opinion on, as you don’t want to end up regretting your decision. Something that you can explore to make sure your wedding music is as personal as ever is to perform a song or two on your own. Whether you stand up to sing on stage or buy some piano sheet music to play, it will be totally unique and as thoughtful as ever. 

Don’t Copy Other People 

Copying other people by mirroring their wedding playlist is a bad choice to make, as you’ll soon find that you don’t connect with these songs as you thought you did, and you will simply end up comparing the atmosphere of each song at your wedding to that of your friends or family. Instead of copying other people’s wedding music playlist, aim to come up with something that is totally original so that your wedding will be as unique and memorable as ever. If you want, you can research the most popular wedding songs and then add them onto your aforementioned ‘don’t play’ list to make sure you don’t have to listen to them on your special day.

Hire a Professional

Hiring an experienced and talented DJ or band will play a huge role in choosing the best music for your wedding. They’ll be able to read the crowd and whip out songs that will keep the atmosphere exciting and fun. Another way that you can do your best to please most of your guests is by leaving room for requests. This can be tricky if you’re having a band, but with a DJ, you’re good to go. You could either send out the song request cards with your RSVPs way before your wedding day or have the request card on the table at your reception. Your guests could also approach your DJ verbally to make requests. 

The more your wedding music reflects you as a couple, the better it will be. The one thing that memorable weddings have in common is that they are personalized to reflect the couple as much as possible. Best of Luck!!!


Edel Alon
Edel Alon
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