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Simple Car Checks To Do Before A Long Journey

Car ownership is all about understanding and looking after your vehicle. When the spring starts to roll around, we are more likely to head out for long drives to either the countryside or to the beach with our loved ones and as a result, our car will go through more wear and tear.

It is important that you take a few steps and perform some important checks to make sure that your car performs the best it can in the spring and the summer and ensure that it lasts for years to come in good condition. 

Here are some of the important checks and things you should do to your car before taking it out on a long spring drive. 

Keep it clean 

Keeping your car clean is not only for appearances but it will also impact yourself and your car’s health. Having a dusty or even moldy interior will irritate your chest and will also damage your car. Make sure to clean the inside and outside of your car thoroughly and also finish it off with a layer of wax which will help to protect your car against bird poo that could otherwise seriously damage your paintwork. 

Check the oil level 

The next task to do is to check your oil level. The oil in your car is the lubricant it needs to move. As the working parts of your car move together, oil stops them from catching and allows them to run smoothly. To check your oil you will need a cloth, take out your dipstick and wipe it off before dipping it back in and pulling it out. The level should be between the min and max levels. 

Consider a fuel-efficient model 

One of the things you might want to consider if you do use your car a lot in the spring and summer is a newer model that is more fuel-efficient. You can look at your local used car dealer or branded dealer for models that might better suit your summer lifestyle and will not cost you the earth in fuel. 

Tire tread 

The tire tread of your car is one of those small checks that can often be forgotten about – but it is an incredibly important thing to do. Checking your tire tread is over 1.6mm is important for the stability of your car on the road.

Check pressure 

The tires are the only part of your car in contact with the floor and this is why checking that they are in top condition is so important. Make sure to check the pressure of your tires before you go on a long journey because if your car is under inflated the tires will be less stable on the road and you are more likely to slip. 

Refill liquids 

The last check to do before heading for a long car journey is to refill your fluids such as screen wash, antifreeze, and coolant. These fluids all perform important jobs for the car and improve your visibility as well as ensure that the car engine is at the right temperature. 


Edel Alon
Edel Alon
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