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How to Secure Big Data?

I’m stuck in a world of big data right now and my security background has me a little worried. Don’t fear too much. There are ways to protect information. Big data – as the name suggests – is a collection of data that is so huge that it becomes complex. Such data is not easier to manage, store, and secure.

Companies are moving towards Big Data as their business expands. Growth is always promising and sought-after but it comes along with challenges. So is the case with Big Data. One can develop various security strategies to beat these challenges. The methods we are going to discuss in this article are enough comprehensive if combined with other security protocols as well such as strong firewall, end-user training, etc.

Even though data scientists have beaten themselves to develop new ways to secure big data but it isn’t possible to make it completely secure against threats. However, some best practices can diminish the risks of cybersecurity. Such as:

Protect Authentication Gateways

If the authentication mechanism lacks efficiency, it can lead to data breaches and data theft. Weaker authentication makes it easier for hackers to spot the vulnerabilities and make their way into your data. It’s best to implement two levels of authentications – on perimeter level and intra-cluster level.

Principle of Least Privilege (PoPL)

Having a formless access system where everyone is free to access any kind of data can lead to a disastrous situation for your big data security. Develop a hierarchal system for access control by implementing the principle of least privilege (PoPL). This way you will be allowing only limited access to the user. Each user would have access to the data which is relevant only to him. This protects from the risks associated with hard-to-track malicious insiders.

Conduct Simulated Cyber Attacks

Many businesses are financially challenged when it comes to build an in-house infrastructure and have to rely on some third-party cloud-based platform. The cloud platform can be harboring vulnerabilities that are prone to attack from hackers. Simulated attacks can help to find those vulnerabilities if there are any. Once the vulnerabilities are found, you can eliminate them to reinforce the security system. It’s better to get control over the vulnerabilities before a hacker realizes them to exploit.

Use Antivirus Software

Another way to secure Big Data is by deploying antivirus to your system. The antivirus keeps the viruses and threats at bay and notifies you about any attempted attack. All you are required to do is keep the antivirus software updated and try not to avert your eyes from notification. Several antivirus suites are available only that are capable to address your security concerns efficiently.

Conduct Audits at Regular Intervals

A renowned characteristic of Big Data is that it keeps growing in size and complexity. Thus, it keeps challenging the already existing security solutions and best practices. If regular audits are conducted, it’s possible to detect the vulnerabilities and monitor the arising vulnerabilities. If you have enough knowledge about the vulnerabilities, you’ll be able to devise a better and competent security plan.

Following all these preventive measures is enough to take the stress off your shoulders about security challenges. But never think that Big Data is completely secure. You have to stay vigilant to explore the latest strategies to add to your security plan.

If you remember anything from this, audits is the most important.

Edel Alon
Edel Alon
Edel-Ryan Alon is a starving musician, failed artist, connoisseur of fine foods, aspiring entrepreneur, husband, father of two, geek by day, cook by night, and an all around great guy.


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