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Top Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Car In Great Condition

Getting a car is a significant financial decision that has become a necessity for many as it makes commuting easier among other benefits. Conducting regular car maintenance is something that every car owner needs to do – otherwise, you may be needing towing services to get you out of a tight spot pretty soon. Good car maintenance is not just to keep your car in excellent condition, but it also ensures the safety of yourself, passengers, other drivers, and other road users. Here is a maintenance checklist to keep your car in good shape.

Check car fluids

The performance of your car hinges on many fluids such as engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant, and power steering fluid. These fluids are responsible for various parts and functions of the car. If at any time these fluids are contaminated, low, or leak, you will feel the impact. Therefore, get a professional to check these car fluids routinely.

Tire inspection

The tires are a crucial part of the car, without which the vehicle will remain stationary. When inspecting your tires, you should check how worn the threads are and replace them if necessary. The next thing to check is the tire pressure. You will usually find the recommended pressure indicated around the edges of the tire. When inflating or deflating, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Experts recommend that you replace a tire after 5,000 to 10,000 miles. If you cannot do any of these, get a professional to help you check and do the necessary repairs.

Oil change

To keep the engine in good condition, you must regularly check and change the car oil. At least once a month, check the oil, and when changing it, follow the owner’s manual instructions. If you can change the oil yourself, that’s great, but kindly send it to a service center if you cannot. Professionals will check the oil’s viscosity, drain and dispose of the old liquid, and refill it with the new one to the correct level. Another thing to note is the kind of oil that is suitable for your car engine. Using the wrong type of oil may damage your engine.

Check the lights

Your car has several lights, and each has a vital role to play and, as such, must be in good working condition. The inside lights provide you with illumination for the interior of the vehicle at night. Headlights illuminate the road ahead of you. Turn lights allow you to indicate to other road users the intent of changing course. Backlights offer illumination behind you so that other road users will know you are in front of them. They also indicate when you apply your brakes so that they know you are slowing down. Get your lights checked, cleaned, and make sure they are all functioning well. 

Regular checks

Aside from all that has been mentioned, you should take your car for regular checks. A car is made up of so many parts, and to ensure that yours is functioning as it should be, you must send it to a service center. Professionals will be able to comprehensively check and apply the necessary fixes, after which the vehicle will be run smoothly and last longer.


Edel Alon
Edel Alon
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