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Driving Long Distance In An Old Car? These Tips Can Help

Driving long distances usually requires extra levels of maintenance on the car beforehand. If you’re going to do this in an older vehicle, then it might require even more care and attention beforehand. Especially if your trip is a really long one where you’re tackling long stretches of road with large chunks of nothingness in between each stop point. A drive like that can be taxing on you and your vehicle. With that said, each vehicle is different and people adopt different attitudes to driving and safety. Here are some tips which can help ensure your drive is a good one. 

Make Sure The Paperwork Is In Order

This is important because some older cars, or cars with a difference might be harder to pass certain road safety test parameters. It depends where you’re driving and what state or country boundaries you intend to cross. You might also need to look at your insurance if you’re taking a valuable car. Some providers might not cover you. You can find out more in the link here. Having the paperwork in order means you get to enjoy the trip with ultimate peace of mind instead of having to worry about the small print. 

Take Note Of Fuel Consumption

Older cars use more fuel. It can make it hard to gauge when exactly you need to fill up, or the number of times you need to. Especially if the tank is smaller than usual. It means you need to really be on it in terms of knowing where you can fill up and how long you’ve got to wait until you can fill up again. In some cases, this can actually change the route you take. If you haven’t got the space to carry fuel with you there’s nothing else for it. However, it’s better this than ending up stranded with nothing in the middle of nowhere.

Take Spare Parts

You need to know how to fit them too. With newer cars, you might be able to trust their roadworthiness. But for older cars, even the more reliable ones, age can simply get the better of them. You’ll know yourself where your car struggles. Taking extra parts can make the trip a little easier and won’t result in you having to call out a mechanic and spending money on a tow. Remember, you’ll need the correct tools to go along with these spare parts too.

You’ll Need Something For Power

The likelihood is there won’t be a charging port. Neither will there be satellite navigation unless you’ve bought a standalone unit. It’s why you need to bring power because you’ll have nothing to charge your kit. A power bank is the best answer. Some can hold huge amounts of energy, it just depends how long you’re going away for. Take an actual map with you too, because if the worst happens and you end up with no power, you simply won’t know where you are. A map can help you find your way back to civilization. 


Edel Alon
Edel Alon
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