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6 Indicators You Shouldn’t Drive Your Car

A car is an investment that requires responsibility and undertaking. Maintenance is essential to ensure your vehicle serves you for years. Accordingly, it is vital to keep your car in top shape to stay safe on the roads. It is important to follow routine maintenance as recommended by your manufacturer. As much as you need to keep up with preventive measures to ensure your car is in pristine condition, the inevitable can still happen. For the last couple of days, I’ve had clutch problems too. 

But how do you know when your car needs instant service and maintenance? Here are signs that something is wrong with your vehicle and that you should not drive it. 

Smoke coming from your engine 

The coolant level in your car is critical during the hot months. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the car’s fluid level is checked to maintain a suitable engine temperature. When this is not done correctly, the car engine starts to overheat, producing smoke. 

When you see smoke coming out of your engine, you should pull over and wait for the engine to cool. Topping it off with water or other coolants is an excellent idea before you take it to your mechanic for further inspection. 

Oil pressure light in the dashboard

Car maintenance focuses mainly on oil, flushes, filters, and refills. These elements keep the engine going. When an oil pressure light pops up on the dashboard, know that the oil level is low. Any time you notice this, take your vehicle to the mechanic for immediate diagnosis.

Warning lights

Nowadays, most cars are designed with complex and up-to-date diagnostic systems that warn you when something is wrong. You do not need to rely on your instincts to diagnose a problem. When the car alerts you through messages and warning lights, it is essential to check it immediately. 

Look out for the following lights that may indicate your car needs repair:

  • Engine coolant warning
  • Low oil pressure warning
  • Charging system warning
  • Flushing engine lights 
  • Tire pressure warning

These lights are all indicators that you should not drive your car before it is checked and repaired.

If something feels wrong

Sometimes you do not have to wait for signs and warnings that something is wrong with your car. The chances are that you have used your car for quite some time and know when something feels off.

Every time you feel that something is wrong with your car, do not hesitate to have it checked. Assuming some aspects may lead to costly repairs. Accordingly, other issues may risk your life on the roads. Always consult expert car accident lawyers whenever you have issues that may require legal help.

Your vehicle jerking whenever you shift gears

Another sign that you should not drive your car is when you hear it jerking every time you shift your gears or reverse. This is a sign that the vehicle’s transmission has an issue. Other indicators include:

  • Slipping out of gears
  • Gears shifting roughly
  • Engine lights appearing 
  • Your car pausing when you shift from drive to reverse

When your car shows any of these signs, know that you have a transmission problem and take it to your mechanic for a checkup and repair. Transmission repairs do not cost much, and your car should be back in excellent condition.

Squeaking sound when braking

Your car’s braking system should be smooth enough to stop as quickly as possible when you step on the pedal. However, there is a lot of friction when this happens, causing wear and tear. This may result in a squeaking sound every time you apply brakes.

Brake maintenance includes frequent replacement of worn-out parts. Parts such as brake pads and rotors should be replaced before they start failing. However, if you are not sure when to replace the braking system, watch out for some common signs, such as:

  • Indicator warnings
  • Screeching sound when braking
  • Your car taking too long to stop when you apply brakes
  • Applying a lot of pressure on the pedal before the car brakes

When you note any of these signs, ensure you have your brakes replaced immediately. Failure to address these issues may lead to braking failures that may put your list at risk. 


Have you experienced any of these signs with your car? If so, consider consulting a professional car repair company to have the issues fixed and your car restored to its pristine condition. Do not drive your car with these signs. Additionally, do not ignore any sign, no matter how minor it may seem. Always focus on frequent maintenance to be safe on the road.


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