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Things to Do in Oahu

I’m not going to make a long list of 10 things to do in Hawaii. This is just one of the many things you can do in Hawaii.

Growing up in Hawaii and Guam makes me forget about the simple things in life like enjoying some shaved ice or a walk on a beach. One of the things I enjoyed growing up on the islands are is the live music while you eat or have drinks with friends.

My recent trip to Hawaii brought back this nostalgia. I had to opportunity to eat at the Veranda restaurant in the Kahala Resort in Oahu. Part of the dining experience is the live music. The night I went, Kapena DeLima was performing. Having been on the other side of things, I quickly spoke to Kapena and had a conversation about music and why I was in Hawaii. I let him know that I’m here for my sister-in-laws wedding. He then said, let me know the details and I’ll play them a song.

So midway through dinner, I waved to Kapena and he nodded since he was mid song. After the song ended, he dedicated a song to my sister-in-law and fiance…congratulating them on their wedding.

These are island things that I remember would happen every day in my old world. Today, I have to fly 5 hours to get this experience. So remember, if you’re at hotel bar with live music, talk to the artist and buy whatever they are selling.

Kapena “Pena Bu” DeLima has been a member of the group Kapena for over 15 years. He began as the group’s keyboardist at only 11 years old and is now the drummer and musical director. In 2009, Kapena graduated from Ex’pression College for Digital Arts in Emeryville, California with a Bachelor’s of Science in Audio Engineering. He is now the owner, head engineer and producer at Bu Print Studios. In 2013, Kapena won his first Na Hoku Hanohano award for “Engineer of the Year”. The following year, Kapena took home his second Na Hoku Hanohano award for “Contemporary Album of the Year” for his first solo CD titled “Cast Your Cares”. Kapena is one of the most sought-after Studio Engineers and musicians in the islands.

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