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Two East Bay, San Francisco Tattoo Artists Offering Photo Realistic and Illustrative Tattoo Services for their Clients

The demand for superior quality tattoos has increased for many years. Tattooing is the ideal way to make a stylish statement and express a person’s personality. Nonetheless, people have their special reasons why they love to get inked. Sorin and Kristina is the eminent name in East Bay, San Francisco that pop-ups in everybody’s mind first when it comes to tattooing. 

Sorin and Kristina from Sugar City Tattoo, a prominent tattoo company with a massive reputation. They are a highly professional East Bay owned-tattooing business, providing only the best quality tattoos and safe services at reasonable prices.

Kristina of Sugar City Tattoo takes pride in her stylish, intricate, and delicate style of tattooing. Her experience captures detail like any person would not believe, along with lovely patterns, precise blackwork, and saturated color. Kristina’s work experience comes from more than a decade of tattooing. Her compassionate and kind demeanor to collaborate with her clients offers a unique and unforgettable tattoo experience. 

According to Kristina, “Sugar City Tattoo is driven by the idea of individuality and creative excellence. I take pride in professionalism and craftsmanship. I also believe in observing the body as a whole and crafting pleasant-sounding designs to flow seamlessly with the skin.” 

On the other hand, Sorin’s tattoo style is mainly based on realism. He obtained a degree in fine art from Kent State in Ohio and can recreate photo-realistic imagery. Sorin is highly versatile in bio-mechanical elements, bright underwater creatures, realistic animals, and portraits. He takes pride in his flowing and vivid quality tattoo work that anyone wouldn’t find anywhere else in the region. Keeping precise and thoughtful work in mind, he aims to offer his client a true piece of original art that would last a lifetime. 

“All my work is unique to my client. I often work with people until they are more than happy with my designs before we proceed to the next steps,” says Sorin. 

Kristina and Sorin are tattoo artists who are passionate about their art and are constantly improving on what they do by learning, innovating, and moving forward in an artistic direction. They also bring a unique aspect to the field through their artistic styles. Both of them maintain the highest level of service with every client, offering educated advice, personalized art, and an overall enjoyable tattooing experience. 

About Sugar City Tattoo 

Sugar City Tattoo is a tattoo studio located in East Bay, San Francisco. Every tattoo they do directly represents their shop, and they treat every tattoo, no matter how small or big, like it is the most important one they have done. 

To learn more about Kristina and Sorin’s tattoo services, visit their websites at,, and to check their portfolio. Check out their Instagram on @kristinabenet and @soringabor

Book with Kristina by emailing [email protected]

Book with Sorin by emailing [email protected]



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