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The Pros and Cons of All-Inclusive Wedding Venue

There are a lot of decisions that should be made during your wedding planning process, one of them being your wedding venue. In fact, the venue is just one of the things that you have to decide on, which is why some places offer more services, such as package deals; to make it easier for couples. However, before you choose an all-inclusive venue, make sure to weigh in the pros and cons first. 

Pros of an all-inclusive wedding venue

You can have more budget-friendly options.

Wedding packages are customized in the most affordable way. That is why it can entice couples who want to make the most out of their budget. Depending on the package, the price usually ranges from $100-$180 per person, excluding the ceremony & venue fees. A complete ceremony service can cost up to $1500, while venue services can range from $1900-$6000. 

You experience more convenience.

Sometimes, you feel calmer knowing that everything you’ll need is under one roof. That way, you won’t find it difficult to check everything on your big day. 

You’ll have an instant wedding planner. 

One of the easiest ways to make sure that everything runs smoothly on your special day is having a wedding planner or coordinator. It is so convenient to have someone oversee everything for you. That way, you can focus on being just in the moment instead, which makes it extra special for the both of you. The best news is that usually, all-inclusive venues have an in-house planner, so you’ll have someone that is already an expert.

You can save more time and money.

Traditionally, coordinating with different suppliers for your various needs can be so time-consuming and energy-draining. Not to mention how it can cost you more to get other people’s services from multiple suppliers than getting most of it in one place. You get to save more time, money, and effort by opting for an all-inclusive venue instead. 

You can be stress-free

Stressful scenarios such as your caterer or florists not showing up will no longer haunt you. As long as you’ve secured your inclusive venue, you know they will be the one to make sure that everything will run smoothly on your wedding day. With that, you can be stress-free and enjoy your union as a couple.

Cons of an inclusive wedding venue

You are restricted with their options.

If you don’t like being limited, then wedding packages may not be for you. More often than not, an all-inclusive venue has fixed packages that you can choose from, which may be restricting for you. Although you may discuss with the management of your chosen wedding venue if there are some things you might want to alter – they might consider it. 

You don’t get to be hands-on. 

Do you love to DIY everything? Then having an all-inclusive venue will not give you the chance to let your creative hands be in control of your special day. Yes, you’re still in charge of deciding which package you want but other than that, everything is pretty much fixed already.

You might not get what you expect.

This might not happen as often, but you might end up unsatisfied with the outcome of the package you’ve availed. Remember that experience is the best teacher, so you need to ask someone who has opted for the same service or research online for reviews of their satisfied clients.

One of the easiest ways to decide whether you should go for an all-inclusive wedding venue or design one from scratch is to follow what you feel comfortable with. It is your special day, after all! 


Edel Alon
Edel Alon
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