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How to Choose Wedding Flowers

Choosing the right flowers for your upcoming wedding is no easy task, especially if you have never organized such an important event. But how can you know which are the perfect flowers according to your wedding theme, date, and budget? The short answer is to follow your florist’s advice, but there is more to it, and we are about to unveil the tips behind choosing the best wedding flowers.

  1. Choose a style.

Defining the style or theme of your celebration is crucial to choosing the right flowers. Wedding florals are what make your venue unique; they embellish plain spaces and add a hint of color here or there. When you visit your florist, it is ideal to have a couple of photos to communicate the style you like. The same goes for colors; choose a palette and stick with it, so your entire wedding flows in the same direction.

  1. Set a budget.

Did you fall in love with an amazing floral installation while scrolling through social media? We all have been there, dreaming of walls filled with blooms and flowers covering every inch of your celebration, but do you know the cost of it? Floral installations are not always budget-friendly; that’s why you need to have a clear idea of the amount you can invest in flowers before saying yes to a hanging floral arrangement.

  1. Flow with the season.

We all have a favorite flower and wish it could be around our wedding venue. Perhaps you adore peonies or sunflowers, how about roses? Still, many flowers are seasonal, and trying to get a specific flower when it is not its season might cost you much, and since it is off-season, it would not be the best idea to include it in your decoration.

For example, flowers that bloom during spring or summer can endure the harsh hot temperatures of a sunny day, while those that belong to the cold months look flawless regarding how cold the air gets. A winter flower will not make it through your august wedding day, so go with seasonal flowers because they will be affordable and look astonishing.

  1. Keep an open mind.

One of the reasons you are approaching a florist is because they have expertise when it comes to wedding flowers, and they can suggest you some ways to adapt your ideas to your budget, style, and wedding venue. Listening to your florist’s advice is probably one of the best decisions you can make, so keep an open mind and be flexible to new ideas.

  1. Ask the right questions and set your expectations.

Many floral wedding fails have to do with a lack of communication; if you want to have the best flowers for your wedding, you need to hire a professional florist. When you meet with your potential floral designer, ask the following questions:

  • Which flowers are you including?
  • What happens if, for some reason, a certain flower is not available?
  • Can you provide a sample of the centerpieces/bouquet?
  • Does the price include delivery to my wedding venue?
  • How many events do you schedule per day?
  • What would you suggest to maximize our budget?
  • How many weddings have you done?
  • Are you familiar with our wedding venue?
  • Are the vases rented, or can I keep them?
  • Do you charge a fee for set up and breakdown?
  • When should I make the first payment to secure your services?
  • What are your cancelation and rescheduling policies?

Now you have a clear idea of choosing the right flowers for your wedding and work hand to hand with your florist to achieve the best result. Our biggest advice is to hire a professional with enough experience in weddings; making one floral arrangement does not compare with a full wedding; your florist needs to know about timing, how to care for flowers, and how to handle them to deliver a perfect centerpiece for each of your tables.


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