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How To Effectively Reduce Everyday Stress

It is safe to assume that everyone experiences some level of stress. Considering the current global health problem, the need to reduce stress has become even more pressing. Technology permeates every aspect of modern life, and thankfully, you can also find ways to use it to ease stress. So whether you’re stuck at home, busy at work, or tired with other mounting responsibilities, here are some ways you can use technology to keep you from snapping. 

Follow fitness and meditation videos

Thanks to technological solutions like video calls and streaming, you can join an online class right from the comfort of your home. Today, you can find several online classes covering yoga, aerobics, and other exercises that will help you relax, stay healthy, and practice your breathing techniques. Alternatively, you can also download your preferred videos and practice them at your convenience. 

Video games

It’s no coincidence that the gaming community has grown rapidly over the past couple of years, as more and more people found themselves stuck in their homes because of COVID. Video games offer one of the most effective ways of relaxing at home. The options are almost endless, from mobile phone games to PC options and console games. Some studies even suggest that video games could treat mental illness. 

The most important thing is to enjoy your game, so keep this in mind. That means eliminating anything that can make your gameplay a stressful experience, from your setup and hardware to posture. For example, if you enjoy playing Ark Survival Evolved on your Mac device, you might want to invest in an Ark server hosting for Mac, so you don’t have to deal with frustrating lags and delays. 

Decrease the effect of blue light

If you spend several hours each day behind your computer while working from home, you can easily put yourself at risk of eye strain. This is a result of blue light that emanates from computer screens and the screens of other devices like smartphones. Eye strain can make it very difficult to focus on your work, and the discomfort it leaves can increase your stress levels. Blue lights can also make it difficult to feel relaxed or even sleep at night.

You can use a protective screen cover to reduce the glare-lights your eyes receive. You can also change the brightness level or opt for night settings to deliver similar effects on your phones. 

Use technology to create behavioral change

Today, technology is improving so rapidly that you can find solutions that can help you make the needed behavior changes that will help make your life as stress-free as possible. From stress-relieving apps to apps designed to help you track your cortisol levels, there are many technologies designed to help you ease the pressure on your body. You must identify what your triggers are. This way, you can conduct a thorough research about what tech solutions are available to help you reprogram your life to deal with those triggers. 


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  1. Something that was huge for me was changing the schedule of when I ate. For whatever reason, even though I eat pretty well, I kept getting stressed out when I ate in the mornings. I did an experiment at the beginning of this year where I waited until lunchtime to eat, and it completely changed how I felt throughout the entire day.


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