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8 Effective Strategies For Boosting Your Upselling And Cross-Selling

Some people may describe upselling and cross-selling as unethical sales strategies and irrelevant sales pitches. However, a study suggests that roughly 32% of existing and prospective customers reorder from the same company in their first year. Therefore, it is practical for businesses to create marketing strategies that target and retarget previous customers to increase sales. Here are some practical strategies you can utilize to boost your upselling and cross-selling. 

Utilize consumer data 

To boost your business upselling and cross-selling, you want to consider your customers’ age, lifestyle, and habits. Find out if your cross-sell is relevant to your client or will your upselling provide for their needs. This way, you can discover ways to enhance your customer experience and ask relevant questions. It is tempting for many businesses to make decisions based on assumptions. However, this can cause them to miss out on several opportunities. 

Offer complementary products 

Complementary products are your customers’ products alongside the main item they purchased. For example, when a customer buys a printer from your business, you can recommend some high-quality printers papers. This strategy is effective for almost every product, provided they can be used together. If you own an online shop, you can create “people also viewed” or “related product” sections on your store or likewise recommend seasonal collections to cross-sell and boost your revenues. 

Leverage user-generated content 

It can be hard to deliver superior customer value if you don’t appreciate their shopping goals and challenges. You can offer relevant and tailored product recommendations when you understand customer needs. It can be useful to segment your customers based on their behaviors and characteristics. This way, you create multiple consumer affiliates by utilizing their data such as age, gender, location, demography, and other search and purchase history. Segmenting your customers can help you recommend the right products and offer personalized messages. This strategy isn’t only effective for upselling and cross-selling but every marketing strategy. 

Advance your payment solutions 

Advanced payment solutions can add functionality to your mobile point of sale by allowing you to substitute your traditional cash register with a mobile device via an app or simple add-on. The portability of your mobile point of sales opens your business to fresh opportunities to upsell and cross-sell in offsite locations. Currently, security and convenience are key customer concerns, and you can handle this with comprehensive payment solutions. Additionally, advancing your payment solutions can boost customer loyalty and satisfaction and translate to increased revenue. 

Offer premium products 

While offering premium products is an effective upselling strategy, make sure your customers appreciate the uniqueness of your products that makes them stand out from the regulars. You may likewise use high-quality photos together with clearly spelled product descriptions. However, the goal is to market the product so customers will be comfortable spending more to enjoy premium value. You can also allow your customers to compare the various models of products they are considering. 

Track and send relevant sales offers via mail 

Several marketers limit their upselling and cross-selling strategies to product pages online and checkout process. Yet, there are other channels you can utilize to boost your upselling and cross-selling campaigns. For instance, sending product recommendations via emails is an effective way to upsell and cross-sell. You can follow up with your satisfied customer via email with an upsell or cross-sell recommendation. They might be interested in the recommended product due to their earlier experience. 

Get social with your reviews

A study suggests that 77% of people read reviews before committing to purchasing a product. And with many people getting social now, displaying your products, services, and reviews with relevant hashtags can help reach millions of potential customers globally. More so, your customers likely frequent social media, so it makes sense to take your sales strategies to where they spend their most time. To begin, share introductory videos and slides that demonstrate your brand and personality for both existing and potential customers to know you more. Online reviews can indicate trust and authenticity, even when bad. Customers can perceive your products as genuine. 

Sell at the right time

A customer will agree to work with your business once they establish that you are an expert. And one way to demonstrate that you understand their needs is to repeat to them. While re-echoing their needs is crucial for selling, know more about them before making any recommendations or suggestions. You can’t afford to risk a wholesale because you made a wrong assumption.  

Businesses across several industries leverage upselling and cross-selling opportunities to boost their sales, increase their reputation, and trigger repeated purchases. The tips mentioned above can help you cross and upsell your previous clients and increase customer value.


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