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What Do I Do with My Wedding Dress After the Wedding?

Congratulations, you are married! 

With months of searching, planning & finalizing your wedding dress, you may be wondering what to do with it after the wedding gets over? Don’t worry; we understand that the gown is close to your heart, but that is not the end of the road. Luckily, there are several things you can easily try with your bridal dress after the bells have rung. 


Turning it into an art

Wouldn’t it be an interesting idea to get your wedding dress framed with the help of professionals? Hang it to your wall as a stunning piece of art that will always give you a sentimental reminder of your special day with your loved one.


Take the fabric to turn it into something else

You can take the fabric and turn it into a christening gown for your little one. It has become one of the trendy ways to rework the dress post-wedding. So it’s a pretty simple swap and will also make the occasion memorable.


Selling the wedding dress

If you don’t want to rework your dress, you may also consider selling it. Here we a few tips that will surely be of great help:

Make sure to include the photos

The best way to market your dress is to include high-quality photos. With this, the brides can envision how they look on their big day. If you are not comfortable sharing your wedding shots, make sure to include some photos of you with the gown so the brides can get an idea of how the design envelops your silhouette.

Be responsive and proactive

Buying a wedding dress is an emotional and mentally exhausting process. So whenever someone is reaching out to you for any additional information, queries or concerns, make sure to respond quickly.

Document your conversations

When dealing with the buyer, accept payments from trusted sources only and document conversations for added protection.

Be empathetic

Be honest and empathetic with the buyer you are dealing with. Be transparent about the alterations and let them know about imperfections of any kind.


Best places to sell the dress

If you have plans to sell it so you can make a little cash back, then there are specific websites out there that can help you sell dresses with ease. You can also list the dress on several social media platforms or online marketplaces like Facebook to find the perfect buyer.

Another important thing you can experiment with is to preserve it. Let’s understand more about the preservation of the wedding dress in detail.


Cleaning and Preserving the wedding dress

People often get confused about cleaning and preservation processes without realizing that both are separate processes. A simple cleaning involves treating the areas where the parts of the dress are soiled with stains. On the other hand, preservation takes care of handling, cleaning, and preserving the gown for long-term storage. It ensures your gown retains its beauty forever.

Whether you want to pass your wedding dress to your beloved daughter or wish to preserve it for emotional value, the best way to retain its shape, fabric, and color is through preservation. 

If you plan to clean the dress by yourself, follow the tips below. 

  • If you plan to preserve the wedding dress all by yourself, make sure to read the labels for special instructions first. 
  • We recommend you test a small spot or the hidden portion of the dress to ensure that the cleaning agents are not negatively reacting with the fabric. 
  • After cleaning it, be sure to handle the dress with white cotton gloves to avoid any stains soaking in the fabric.


Preserving the Wedding Dress Through a Professional

If you are planning to preserve or turn your wedding dress into a family heirloom, make sure to get it done professionally. Dry cleaning and preserving are not the same things, and preservation specialists are the experts who can assist with the best services as per your requirements. They can clean it, preserve it and have it sent back to you. 

Below are some tips for preserving your wedding dress with confidence if you want to restore it as a memory or pass it to future generations.


Many brides mistake waiting to clean and preserve their wedding dresses. Some even wait for as long as six weeks. This lapse in time allows stains to damage the fabric. This results in discoloration and brittle spots on the fabric. Typically, it is recommended that you send off the gown within 48 hours of the completion of your wedding. This allows the professional cleaners to work on the stains quickly.


Avoid treating stains by yourself

No matter how much care or protection you take for your dress, there are always stains that will appear. Don’t treat them by yourself as it can cause more damage. The chemicals can penetrate deeper and cause stains to deteriorate the fibers further. 


Choose professionals with preservation experience

Select a professional that has experience in preserving wedding dresses. 


The box used for storing the dress should be airtight

Ensure that the storage box used is airtight to prevent unwanted discoloration, molding, or odors from occurring irrespectively of how long you keep them down. Speak to the professional about the storage products that will be used.


Protect your dress from certain elements

Once your dress is cleaned and preserved, always keep it away from sunlight or any sources of heat. Keep it in a storage box in a cool, dry, and dark location.


How to find a cleaner or a specialist to preserve the wedding dress?

Ask your family or friends and even check the wedding consultants for referrals when looking for a preservationist or cleaner. Consider hiring a nearby professional preservationist with a noted track record.


Are you struggling to find someone near you? 

If you wish to speak to the best professional preservation expert or learn more about wedding dress ideas/preservation techniques, get in touch with Elegance Preserved. We are sure you will find the level of expertise and knowledge related to bridal dress preservation of great value.


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