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Best Way to Cook Bacon

Here’s a great way to cook and not cook bacon.

Here’s my best word filler for website mock ups.

Bacon ipsum dolor amet jerky buffalo frankfurter brisket pork belly picanha tenderloin ribeye rump. Ground round leberkas frankfurter sirloin landjaeger boudin, venison pastrami shank kevin rump fatback. Sirloin meatloaf tri-tip t-bone jerky leberkas ribeye shoulder alcatra cupim landjaeger chislic hamburger. T-bone flank cow ball tip chuck kielbasa. Fatback doner ribeye, corned beef tenderloin bacon pastrami chuck jerky brisket biltong venison spare ribs turducken.

Landjaeger pig doner turkey frankfurter picanha sausage, rump alcatra ham hock flank jerky buffalo short ribs. Meatball pork belly pastrami alcatra, meatloaf spare ribs tongue ribeye burgdoggen fatback. Fatback doner sirloin landjaeger t-bone frankfurter pig venison pork loin beef ribs sausage pork belly. Fatback ribeye pork loin burgdoggen doner porchetta corned beef frankfurter andouille ground round pork belly ball tip. Tongue turducken biltong t-bone. Pig salami shoulder tenderloin pancetta prosciutto buffalo chicken, doner bacon pork belly cupim biltong frankfurter andouille. Tail pork chop venison ham chicken kielbasa leberkas shank biltong tri-tip.

Brisket pastrami capicola alcatra cow andouille porchetta. Strip steak spare ribs sausage pastrami, doner ham hock porchetta sirloin flank ball tip tail chuck. Pork picanha andouille flank ground round pork belly, porchetta frankfurter venison shoulder bacon tri-tip jowl shankle ham. Chislic burgdoggen ham short loin meatball boudin jowl. Meatball brisket prosciutto pork loin pig drumstick. Kevin pastrami brisket ground round bresaola, tail ham hock bacon hamburger spare ribs.

T-bone ham hock kielbasa, andouille prosciutto spare ribs flank. Pork chicken pork loin chislic ham hock drumstick, biltong ham. Beef chuck t-bone, tongue pig pork belly landjaeger. Pork beef ribs shoulder short loin pork chop flank, pig leberkas cow. Jowl pork ham hock brisket meatball corned beef bacon ham bresaola. Rump alcatra frankfurter bresaola fatback, ground round chislic tenderloin drumstick doner buffalo beef.

Buffalo shank shoulder bacon pork loin biltong salami. T-bone sirloin chislic turkey. Jerky buffalo cow, turducken jowl spare ribs biltong shoulder frankfurter kielbasa porchetta t-bone shankle. Sausage pork chop doner tongue bresaola.

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Edel Alon
Edel Alon
Edel-Ryan Alon is a starving musician, failed artist, connoisseur of fine foods, aspiring entrepreneur, husband, father of two, geek by day, cook by night, and an all around great guy.


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