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Buying A Piano? 3 Things You Must Consider

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The piano is one of the oldest and most popular instruments in the music industry. It’s a wonderful instrument to learn because there’s a very gradual learning curve. You aren’t expected to do loads of crazy things from the beginning – learning the basics is easy, and then you progress from there. You also have the benefit of learning how to read sheet music, which helps if you go on to play other instruments. 

Before you go out and buy the first piano you can lay your hands on, here are three things you must consider:

The costs

First and foremost, think about the cost of buying a piano. As you can see on the Music Planet websites, pianos vary in price depending on the brand, style, and size. Some are literally over a hundred thousand dollars, while others cost a thousand dollars or less. Think about what you can conceivably afford, and set yourself a budget. This will rule out any pianos that are too expensive. 

The style/size

Next, you must think about how big the piano is – or what style it will be. Obviously, when setting your budget, you are likely to rule out a lot of grand pianos and other fancy styles. However, you are still presented with a plethora of options. Mainly, you need to be concerned about the style in relation to your home. Specifically, where can you put this piano? Locate the ideal place in your home for the piano and it will give you an idea as to what sort of style you can put there. 

For example, you might live in a small flat with hardly any room at all. In which case, even a standard-sized piano might be too big for you. Instead, you’ll need a smaller style, or possibly even a digital piano or keyboard

The quality

It is really important that you buy a quality piano. This doesn’t mean it needs to be insanely expensive; it means that the piano sounds good and will last for a long time. You can find cheap pianos, but they’re just that; cheap! They sound out of tune and they break within a year or two. 

You want to look for pianos that have a well-constructed exterior, are easy to tune, and sound brilliant. Read reviews to see what other people have said about the instrument. If they all mention that the piano is lasting for many years and sounds brilliant, that’s a great sign! Be on the lookout for some trustworthy brands as well – like Yamaha, Steingraeber & Sohne, Steinway & Sons, etc. 

Once you have considered these vital points, you will be ready to find the piano of your dreams. Who knows, this could be the start of a successful songwriting or singing career! Or, it could be the beginning of a lifelong hobby that keeps you happy and relaxed. Learning a musical instrument is so special, and the piano is a brilliant place to start. Just ensure that you buy one that fits your budget, fits your home, and is of the highest quality you can afford. 


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