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Let Us Add an Informal Touch to Your Formal Office Looks

COVID-19 changed almost everything about our lives. Whether it is about how we used to shop or how we used to work, everything changed. Since National lockdowns were implemented, the work cycle took a complete change. Work from home became the new normal, and this new normal lasted for almost three years. It seemed very tough at the start since everybody was at home. Work required more concentration and focus.

Similarly, the way we used to dress also changed. The dress code in work mode changed. The days of formal business wear were gone, and no more glittery and dressy outfits for night-outs. No one would dress up at home for work. Thus, the work looks went into comfier and cozy outfits. 

Work from home outfits:

Following are some of the outfits that men wore while working from home.

1. Pajamas

During the pandemic, pajamas were used while sleeping and as a proper work outfit for men. They have become proper and appropriate for lounging around the house and working from home. This made the work environment more enjoyable and comfortable. Men became so cozy with pajamas as an outfit that when the COVID-19 pandemic was over. Getting dressed formally for the office was an annoying and challenging task.

2. Comfy Hoodie

Hoodies are one of the comfiest outfits. You can easily relax, chill, and spend quality time in it. They are making it the best option to work from home. Most men wore hoodies with trousers during their office timings and during their relaxation time. 

3. Gym Shoes

Since office hours don’t mean that you will lay in bed the whole day and work, you have to sit for a while to do your meetings and other work-related stuff. Thus, you might have to sit at your desk in your socks or gym shoes. Nobody knows what you are wearing as you are in a remote mode. So, wearing socks actually works.

4.No more Ties

Most men hate wearing ties. Some say that they feel suffocated while wearing it. Thus, it always remains a wish to go to the office without wearing it. Working from home actually fulfilled their wish as men stopped wearing the formal clothes to work from here. Ties were said no long ago, and the day work from home started.

After the lockdowns were lifted, work from home shifted to work in the office. Men have faced many difficulties in adjusting back to the actual normal. Two years of no formal dressing has relaxed everyone so much that now it feels like a hell of a task. 

Therefore, many businesses might see some employees not dressed up appropriately for work. This is because there is no more practice of formal dressing left. Enterprises are facing problems bringing them back to the actual normal. Hence, it is suggested to add some changes to the overall dressing criteria for the office. This will help things go smoothly between the business and the employees. 

Informal Touch to Formal Looks

Here are some suggestions that can be made in regular formal outfits looks to turn them comfy for the employees:

1. Replace Tie with Dress shirts

Most offices add dress shirts in the formal category for an office look. However, Ties are actually hated by most of the employees. It is suggested to add an option to wear dress shirts instead of wearing ties. This will help people who hate ties and are not comfortable wearing them. A healthy working environment would be created. 

2. Formal pants switched with jeans

Formal pants can be switched with jeans. Men mostly wear jeans and are more comfortable in them than formal ones. Since office work requires sitting in a seat for hours, formal pants can become uncomfortable. Dark pieces of denim or black denim never go wrong with any traditional look. Hence, jeans are a great middle-of-the-road option. 

3. Comfy and Stylish Sneakers

Wearing comfy and stylish sneakers is better than wearing socks or gym shoes to the office. Working from home made men more comfortable wearing either socks or gym shoes which is a bad option for the office. Hence, comfy shoes are a good and acceptable option. Employees will remain relaxed, and your work will be completed within time. Moreover, these will look perfect with jeans or dress shirts if you opt for that as an option.

4.No more Graphic Tees

Men’s most considerable comfort is wearing t-shirts. Suppose they start wearing the most graphic tees in the office. It will look more like a disco than an office. To prevent your office from becoming a disco, basic solid color tees without any graphic designs on them would be the best option. It will provide a formal look with some informal touch to it.

5. Skip Blazer

Blazers are often difficult to carry around. One alternative for blazers can be cardigans. They do not look informal. It would go perfectly with denim jeans, dress shirts, and solid tees. The comfy sneakers with cardigans will be a good combo.

6. Ask the Employee

Employees’ suggestions on what they would like to wear in the office can help any office maintain a working environment. After taking requests, one can select the most suitable options for them and the employees. If an employee’s comfort level is not fulfilled, it becomes an issue for the company. 


We all know how the pandemic has affected the overall style of living. All aspects of life have changed. The way we used to the thing has changed, the type of living. Furthermore, the method of thinking has also changed. The shift in work style deeply affected one’s health and style of dressing. Home is the comfiest place for any human being. Working straight for almost three years at home has completely changed the environment working.

Wearing the normal home clothes to work remotely was the new normal. So, when all of this came back to normal, men faced many difficulties adopting back the actual work looks. So, these minor changes that are mentioned above can be an excellent middle way option for the office and its employees. These little touches will not create the two extinct formal or informal. 

Edel Alon
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