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MÄNNKITCHEN Pepper Cannon Review

Functionality and aesthetics is the name of MANNKITCHENs Pepper Cannon. It is a revamped pepper mill designed to make pepper sprinkling convenient. This pepper mill for pepper lovers claims to give out ten times more pepper than other top-rated and famous mills.

Are you feeling like an overflow of pepper on the food? No, it does not happen. Keep roaming in the blog to figure out how it is different and beneficial.


A pepper cannon is a tool manufactured for easy sprinkling pepper manually. You do not have to crank so much to get a similar amount of pepper from a typical grinder. If the traditional cannon require 70 cranks to be visible on the yogurt or steak, it will demand only seven cranks. Isn’t it great? This saves you the time and energy to do some extra chores.

As it brings so many benefits, its price also boosts. However, it is not the most expensive pepper cannon in the market. This pepper cannon is still cheaper than many branded cannons and affordable. Its remarkable features overshadow the element of its high price.


More pepper output

As compared to traditional cannons, MANNKITCHEN’s pepper cannons produce more freshly grounded pepper quantities. It has the ability to make ten times more pepper powder in similar cranks than the top-rated mills.

It seems a lot to many people, but you can decrease the coarseness to get your desired amount of pepper. It implies that you can sprinkle your egg with pepper with just one crank without overflowing it.

Grind option consistency

Another distinct and astounding feature of MANNKITCHEN is that it can produce the pepper in the 8 to around 60 mesh size. Traditional mills are only capable of producing 12 to 28. It implies that you will have the perfect size depending on your dish for today’s meal.

Suppose you like to add freshly ground pepper to the meal, this will help you. From pepper which is coarse enough for roast beef and steak, to the finest crushes for the dish’s dressing, this mill can do everything perfectly.


This pepper cannon is easy to use. Its structure is simple and promises effortless filling. It does not have the same design as others, where the user is supposed to remove the adjustment nuts, remove the upper lid, put them back, and recalibrate.

To refill the MANNKITCHN’s pepper cannon, you just have to push down a button to pop off the top and fill it. Then simply press back the top at the place, and you are done.

You can use the pepper cannon with only one hand. It features a cup at the bottom of the mill that you can conveniently remove; grind a bunch of pepper into it. It is handy if you are alone and marinating the fish or chicken for barbeque. You do not wash your hand to hold the mill or hold it in your blood hand. On hand will be enough to sprinkle pepper.


The pepper mill is ergonomically designed that fits anywhere easily. Moreover, a lightweight and portable mill easily fits into the pocket or even small bags. Here are a few specifications to check before buying it.

Weight: 485 grams

Height: 185 mm

Top diameter: 50 mm

Base diameter: 55 mm

Material: Aerospace-grade aluminum

Base cup capacity: 1.25 oz

Paper capacity: 2.3 oz

Pepper cannons are generally made of glass, wood, and plastic. But the MANNKITCHEN’s mill is made of metal and aerospace-grade aluminum. Therefore, it does not break and deform like plastic mills and does not absorb moisture and dampness like wood. Moreover, its high-quality material will not let it break and shatter like glass. Excellent quality allows producing the finest quality pepper at the same time providing it strength to give a long run.


As far as visual aesthetics are concerned, the MANNKITCHEN’s Pepper Cannon has a sleek and smooth anodized back finish and solid metal construction. With the first touch and look, you can understand its quality. It is simple with a sleek design that will surely compliment your cooking space.

However, it has not been constructed with exotic material and does not have an unusual shape. It is not designed by a well-known brand and is associated with big names. But its high functionality has made its name in the market.


  • Long-lasting: This mill’s body is made of solid chunks of aerospace-grade aluminum and anodized with black to enhance durability. Metal construction is accurately designed to provide exceptional results while adding strength and ensuring a long run.
  • Sustainable material: aluminum is the most abundant metal present on the earth. It is entirely recyclable and can be recycled indefinitely. The premium quality material is eligible to withstand extreme conditions in the kitchen and accidental falls and pushes.
  • Top grind quality: the MANNKITCHEN’s grind quality is hard to match. Typical pepper cannons utilize wobbly driven shafts that turn large-sized pepper into crushed and powdered. The two burrs grind against each other resulting in dull and chipped teeth. It features a heavy double-bearing supported driveshaft made of high-carbon stainless to make very fine particles.


  • Pricy: some people find MANNKITCHEN’s pepper cannon expensive. But quality demands some expense. Its price should be cut short, but the quality would be damaged. Its excellent quality and functioning overshadow the hype of price. It is a one-time investment for many years.

Final Thoughts

The MANNKITCHEN’s Pepper cannon outperform even the high-rated peppermill today. Its convenience, consistency, and high-speed grinding make it a must-have kitchen essential. High grinding options are even to beat out any traditional mill from the race of Excellency.

Yes, there are thousands of other options that are cheaper. But if you can save yourself from twisting your wrist, some extra dollar does not hurt. Overall, it is a worthy investment in table essentials that can effortlessly save your time and energy, making the mealtime tasty. Get this table partner; you will not regret it.

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