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What’s Causing My Cough? The Most Common Causes That Could Trigger A Nasty Cough

Besides Covid-19, there are many different things that could be causing your cough. Understanding the cause of your cough can help you to find the most suitable solution, so read on to find out more about what might have triggered your chest issues! 


One of the most notable causes of a bad cough is smoking. Smoking can cause irreparable lung and throat damage, weakening your throat muscles and encouraging a build of tar and other chemicals inside your lungs that can make it more difficult to breathe. Quitting smoking is a brilliant step to take if you want to get rid of your cough, but of course this can be tricky. See a doctor to get nicotine patches or explore the option of an e-cigarette to slowly but surely wean yourself off your smoking habit for good.

Damp & Dust 

Do you live in a damp and dusty home? This could no doubt be causing your cough! High humidity is not good for your airways in any shape or form, and the added issue of dust causing irritation will certainly trigger a painful cough that just won’t seem to budge. The best course of action is to swing open a few windows in your home and invest in a dehumidifier, as this will refresh the air and take out any water that could be making your property damp. Take the time to dust and vacuum around your home often, as the cleaner your home is, the better your health is likely to be. 


Another cause that could have triggered your cough is a bad case of allergies. There are many things that you can be allergic to, but the most common allergies are animals like cats and dogs and hayfever, which is an allergy to tree pollen. This can make it near impossible to own a pet or even go outside during the summer months when the pollen levels are high, as you can expect to experience a bad cough, a stuffy nose and even itchy skin. Fortunately anti-allergy medication is easy to access, and antihistamines are very effective in reducing the symptoms associated with allergies. 

A Disease or Infection 

A more serious cause that could be leading to your painful cough is a disease or infection. There are several conditions that have coughing as a major symptom, including the flu, pneumonia, asthma and even nontuberculous mycobacterial lung disease. Visiting a specialist is the most appropriate course of action if you think your cough might be caused by a disease or infection such as those listed above, as only the best nontuberculous mycobacteria lung disease doctors will know what action to take to heal your condition and get you back on your feet! 

With any luck, this guide will help to point you in the direction of the most probable cause of your cough so that you can seek out the most appropriate solution. Always visit a healthcare professional if you have a cough for seven days or more! 


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Edel Alon
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