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How to Support a Loved One with a Chronic Illness

Chronic illness is defined as any illness that lasts for at least six months and may last for the rest of your life. There are many different kinds of chronic illnesses, but they all have in common that they are all challenging to manage daily. Knowing how to support a loved one with a chronic illness can be tricky, particularly if you don’t have personal experience with a chronic illness yourself. It’s not easy watching someone you love to face challenges like this. However, there are many ways to support your loved one that might sometimes feel like an uphill battle. 

Listen to what they need from you.

It may be tough to know where to begin if you’re supporting someone with a chronic illness, but your first step is to listen to your loved one. You may not understand what it’s like to have their condition, but you can understand the emotions surrounding their life with an illness. Ask your loved ones what they need from you. This might be anything from help around the house to just someone to listen to them and understand their challenges. No two relationships are the same, and as a care partner, you need to work with the individual you’re supporting to figure out what will help their situation the most. 

Learn as much as possible about their condition

Find out everything you possibly can about your loved one’s chronic illness. This may mean reading through their treatment plan, talking to their doctor, or even spending some time on websites like WebMD. This will help you understand what your loved one is experiencing. This can be incredibly helpful if your loved one has more extreme symptoms that they need support with managing. 

Keep communication option

Sometimes illness can make it challenging for your loved one to talk about their feelings or needs, even with their partner. In these moments, communication can break down, and it can feel like you’re unable to help as much as you’d like. To help prevent this from happening, keep the communication option open. You don’t have to talk daily, but checking in every now and then to see how your loved one is doing can help you support them when they need it the most. 

Learn practical skills to support their health

If you’re supporting someone with a chronic illness, you may not want to become a doctor or health care provider, but you can still learn some skills to help your loved one stay healthy. There are many different ways you can do this. You can learn about healthy eating, sports participation, CPR, and first aid with https://cprcertificationnow.com/collections/cpr-and-first-aid-certifications or even try alternative or mind-body practices like meditation. Practicing skills like these can help you learn how to care for yourself, and it can also help you share these skills with the person you’re supporting.

Be flexible, and don’t take it personally.

It’s important to remember that supporting a loved one doesn’t mean you have to be perfect. You don’t have to do everything perfectly, and you don’t have to feel guilty if you don’t know precisely how to handle a situation. It’s not easy, but you have to be flexible. You must be willing to try new approaches and figure out what works best for you and your supporting person. If something doesn’t seem to be working, try something new. 


Knowing how to best support a loved one with a chronic illness can be challenging, but there are many ways to do it. This post can help you to help them live their lives easier.


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