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Is the GeForce RTX 4090 worth the Buy?

The GeForce RTX 4090 launched recently and, unsurprisingly, has become the talk of the gaming world. The GPU has been anticipated since the Nvidia debut conference about it last month, and with its release and massively high price, users are concerned about whether it is worth the buy or not.

If you are someone in the same boat, hesitating about whether your precious $1600 should go into this investment, this article is for you. Here are all the impressive specifications and significant pros and cons that make the GeForce RTX 4090 the king of all GPUs.

What is GeForce RTX 4090?

If you are someone deeply fascinated with the gaming world or someone who has immense knowledge of computers. Then you might have heard about this new GPU. However, if you are someone who has no clue about what this is, hear us out.

The GeForce RTX 4090 is a new generation GPU – or graphic card processing that is taking the bar game to the next level. Quite literally the king of all other GPUs right now, this particular device holds impeccable boosting performance, third-generation RT cores, eighth-generation NVIDIA Dual AV1 Encoder, and so much more.

While its specifications are what sets it apart, the fact that this particular device has the tendency to give a 4K gaming performance is what intrigues people even more. So, while its previous predecessors were terrific, this RTX 4090 GPU has not only set the game to another level (quite literally) but has taken the top of the chart when compared to all its previous generations.

Is the GeForce RTX 4090 worth the Buy?

The specification might be great at first glance, but the $1600 price label is what makes people stop and question whether buying it is even worth it. This is because, let’s be fair, $1600 isn’t an amount you can spend carelessly. Hence, when planning on investing in this particular graphic card, knowing whether it is beneficial for you or not is essential. How to do so? Well, learn the pros and cons and determine it for yourself.

The Pros and Cons of GeForce RTX 4090

Some of the significant pros and cons that will make all the difference in deciding whether RTX 4090 purchase is a great decision or not are:


1.   Massive Leap in 4K Gaming Performance

The GeForce RTX 4090 has delivered massive generational leaps compared to its previous counterpart. One such major leap in its development and, quite frankly, what might be the reason for its huge success is the 4 K Gaming Performances.

Gamers worldwide continuously search for the best processors and graphic cards to make their gaming speed and visuals top-notch. The RTX 4090 is precisely the graphic card they were searching for. Its excellent gaming performance will elevate your gaming experience to a new level.

2.   Excellent Ray Tracing Performance

With the RTX 4090 offering excellent ray tracing performance, the graphical images would take a very realistic turn. This is because not only the efficient working ray tracers would provide accurate tracing of light and choose the exact required color based on this.

Hence, users will not only get better graphic visuals, but the GeForce RTX 4090 promises to improve user performance by 25% in games with this ray tracing improvement.

3.   High But Manageable Power Thermals

We all know that any device that gets too hot starts to render its activity and doesn’t reach its full potential. The GPUs work on the same concept. The continuous processing of a game or working of a GPU would cause it to heat up. However, while the power thermals can get high, they are also manageable in this newest version of GeForce RTX 4090.

Therefore, while it would get hot, the manageable aspect of it would keep the high thermals under control and deliver the workings to their full potential.

4.   Better DLSS 3 Performance

The DLSS 3 performance is elevated in this newest version of Nvidia’s RTX 4090. However, what will an improved DLSS 3 do? The basic concept of working for this DLSS 3 is to make the gaming progression work in a lower resolution. At the same time, it gathers information from its knowledge of superb resolution commands and generates an image of high quality.

Hence, even at a lower quality of image selection, users get an output that looks like a high-tech visual display.


1.   Extremely Expensive

Apart from all its impressive specifications and the advantages it offers, we still cannot deny that its pricing might be mad expensive. Hence, while many users would love the delivery, it provides, buying it isn’t everyone’s ball game.

This graphic card is one of the most expensive ones in its line of successors and among all the GPUs currently present in the world. Hence, while impressive, its high price would always remain a con when planning on purchasing this.

2.   DLSS 3 Image Quality Needs Some Work

While the interface and visuals are fantastic, the DLSS 3 image quality still needs work. This is because the AI frames present in the game are rife with artifacts. However, while they still will be in the game despite only being for a fraction of a second, this doesn’t mean that it can impact the overall gameplay for you when it comes to visuals.

Fixing this tiny issue in the near future and the price range might work in making this one of the best GPUs ever.


So, this brings us back to the question is buying this particular GPU worth enough to empty your account from a huge chunk of money? We hope the above pros and cons helped make the decision for you.

The RTX 4090 might be the best GPU creation by the manufacturing company. However, this isn’t the first and won’t certainly be the last. The worlds of computers still have a lot of surprises in store for us, and we cannot wait to discuss many of them with you.




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