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The First KCBS Competition in Hawaii: Warrior BBQ Rib Competition

We were honored to be part of the first KCBS competition in Hawaii. This event was sponsored by the Pacific House of Mission and was held at Kapiolani Regional Park in Honolulu, Hawaii. The event took place on November 11-12, 2022.

We can’t wait for this event next year on November 10-11! This series will consist of 4 meats, plus an award for People’s Choice, Keiki Contest, and Fish! Winners of the event qualify them to compete for KCBS World Championship.

Pacific House of Mission: Besides being the event’s organizer, PHM is regularly a Christ-centered “community-building ministry” serving military families on O’ahu. From youth groups, to soldier fellowships, to lay-leadership training, their mission has seen thousands roll through its programs for 13 years and counting.

We were especially proud of the teams that were able to make it. We were surprised by the number of off-islanders at the event. There was even a team from Australia. Here’s a little more about the teams. This info was part of the PHM booklet about the event.

Hometown BBQ

Ewa Beach, O-ahu

Charles Etsingcr aka Hometown BBQ “1 serve happiness on a plate and I want our guests to have the best experience they can have every time. The people who come back and say it’s the best BBQ they have had, not just in Hawaii makes me know the sacrifices I made… are worth it.”


Smokey’s BBQ

Elum, WA

Pit Master James Jones is a former Boeing engineer and electronics consultant first got into barbecuing as a backyard hobbyist which evolved into a winning national and international competition circuit pit master. James says that his recipe for success comes from everything he’s learned from his immersion in those high-end competitions. “I’ve had a lot of mentors and it comes down to good beef and a good smoker. After that it’s taste, tenderness, and appearance, the same criteria judges on the circuit use.


Small Axe BBQ

Portland, OR

Like David and Goliath, Small Axe is a metaphor for improbable victories over far stronger opponents. We’re a husband (Dan) and wife (Elaine) came out of Portland Oregon. In 2021 we started competing in the Steak Cookoff Association, by January 2022 Small Axe BBQ was born and we began our journey in competitive BBQ. To date, we’ve competed in 9 BBQ competitions, including the Jack Daniels World Championships in Lynchburg, Tennessee. We LOVE Hawaii and are excited and honored to be competing in the Warrior BBQ Rib Competition and to support Pacific House of Mission! One Love!


Smoker’s Anonymous BBQ

Waianae, O’ahu

Made up of pitmaster AJ and his girlfriend Ashley, this team will be competing in the Warrior BBQ Ribs Championship this Veteran’s Day weekend. Come cheer them on!


Doctor Que

Sydney. Australia

Doctor Cuc BBQ is a competition BBQ team hailing from Sydney Australia. We are all about sharing good times, with great mates. Sharing a beer or two is pretty important too. Formed in 2016, Doctor Cue was created with a core group of like-minded friends, that enjoyed great food, great times and great company. Doctor cue have traveled up and down the east coast of Australia to compete in numerous competitions, traveling over 600 miles at times, dragging a bbq trailer to attend events in Brisbane and Melbourne, however, to be given the opportunity to compete in the USA, is simply something we’re not sure can be topped. Looking forward to meeting new BBQ family, sharing stories and good times with our friends across the Pacific


Butch’s Smack Your Lips BBQ

Laurel, NJ & Sparks, NV

The torch has been passed. Aly Lupinetti is President of Butch’s Smack Your Lips BBQ. The daughter of famed chef and award winning pitmaster, Butch Lupinetti, is no stranger to the industry. Aly spent her childhood r following her Dad around the country to a multitude of barbecue events, such as the Best in the West Rib festival in Sparks, NV. Events like this enabled her to marinate in the BBQ culture and observe the company slogan, “Cook it low, Cook it slow, serve no swine before it’s time” materialize before her own eyes. Being a pitmaster is the perfect match for Aly. She is no shrinking violet! This fiery redhead thrives on the competition and feels as though she is among family.


Donnie’s BBQ

Waipahu, O’ahu

From the flavor of Louisiana to humble beginnings in Michigan, and now Hawai’I, Donnie’s BBQ journey has given him years of experience and words of wisdom. “You make time for the things you love. Me? I haven’t been to the beach in a while. The thing I love is BBQ. That’s where I spend my time.” He owns and operates Donnie’s Bar-Be-Que Smokehouse of Hawaii with his family.


VRM Pit Crew

Kailua, O’ahu

VRM Pit Crew made up of Crash and Lisa DeJournett + family. VRM are the initials of their children. They started BBQ to raise money for Autism research, as all of their children have varying forms of autism, and have raised for multiple charities. “We BBQ because it is fun and we love supporting the charities that help our communities.”


Daddy Delicious BBQ

Wahiawa, O’ahu

Frank is the creator of Delicious BBQ LLC. Warrior Ribs Championship will be his first competition and he is bringing the smoke to another level. Much mahalos for smoking brisket that was used at the BBQ judges class.

For more information on the Pacific House of Mission and their work in the community, please visit their website at www.pacificmission.org.

We can’t wait for this event next year on November 10-11!

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