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5 Tips For Making Your Wedding Feel Unique

Wedding days are meant to be memorable; this is a special day for two lovers coming together. While there are so many wedding traditions, is this even considered fun? Better yet, are you even a fan of wedding traditions? When it comes to weddings, they should reflect the couple. It’s not only about giving your guest a great experience, but it’s about celebrating the way you like. So, here are some tips for creating that unique experience!

Make it how you want

In order to make the wedding unique, it’s going to start with you and your partner. Both of you get to choose what you want, don’t let the parents or anyone else decide. This is your special day, and if you don’t want to go with tradition, don’t!

Have a family member or friend officiate

Having a family member or friend officiate your wedding ceremony can create a more personal and intimate experience. The more you trust and know the person, the more relaxed you will be during the ceremony. This can also help you put together a personalized script. Having someone do it who is close to you is cheap, and it’s going to feel a lot better either way.

Include old photos of the couple

Are you looking for a little pizazz to go with your big day? Having a few fun, unique, and wacky wedding mementos to display on the reception tables or in the guestbook will go a long way in ensuring that your guests have a good time. For example, try displaying a small collection of framed photographs of relatives from the big day.

You could go further than that and include some of your favorite childhood photographs, or at least the ones that make you smile. If you’re lucky, you may have some old photos dating back to the earliest days of your relationship, and you may even have some old photos of your parents and grandparents. For the most part, you should leave pictures of you and your partner, and this can be fun.


It’s so important to make your wedding how you want to make it, and sometimes, the best way to go about it would be DIYing. Now, you shouldn’t try to do everything yourself. In fact, it will be nearly impossible to DIY everything yourself. But you should try to DIY some things here and there, as this is going to give it that unique touch, plus it feels more personal. 

For instance, make you and your partner could cook dinner (assuming you have a small guest list). You could make something delicious and use a sourdough pizza crust recipe for pizza and maybe make a pizza topping bar. It’s unique and something that totally goes against the norm.

Create a time capsule

Creating a time capsule is a great way to preserve your wedding memories for later. The contents can include personal objects like a photo printout of the year’s best photos. It can also be a fun family project that everyone can enjoy. This could be something that you and your partner can dig and put up right after the wedding ceremony for people to see!


Edel Alon
Edel Alon
Edel-Ryan Alon is a starving musician, failed artist, connoisseur of fine foods, aspiring entrepreneur, husband, father of two, geek by day, cook by night, and an all around great guy.


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