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Innovative Ways to Increase Customer Experience at Your Business

Your business and employees will benefit when you increase customer experience. Without customers, you don’t have a business. Fortunately, it is pretty easy to begin making efforts toward a better company for customers. Here are some innovative ideas.

Create a Pleasant Environment

From furniture stores to fast food joints, people want to spend their time in a nice place. There are many things you can do to make your business more than just a place to spend money. Depending on what kind of business you have, there are limits. But some examples are putting in a retail store music system, changing the way your establishment looks, and offering extra services like a glass of wine while getting tailored or being pampered by a professional.

Always Greet with a Smile

Customers will have a better time if you smile at them. Nobody wants to go back to a store where everyone looks unhappy. And science has shown that smiling is good for you. When people see you smile, it makes them feel good. And they’ll think of your brand when they feel good. You can use this to your advantage as a representative of your company. It’s helpful to ask your employees to do the same with clients and customers to make them feel appreciated.

Increase Customer Experience with Fast Payment

Customers today have particular needs and wants. In a world that works 24/7, faster payments are one of them. One recent report showed that the number of faster payments in the UK alone went up by 23% last year. You can use this to your advantage with upselling and offering something that a competitor doesn’t. Faster payments include contactless card payments, digital payments like Google Pay, and remote payments, which can be made while people are waiting.

Actively Listen to Complaints

Even the best business will have issues and could be better. There will be complaints because of this. Yes, you can ease these by giving your customers a place to tell you what’s wrong. From there, it helps to listen actively and take steps to solve complaints without judging the customer or putting them in a bad position. Even though it’s not always true that the customer is right. If you don’t deliver, your customers are entitled to refunds and other compensations like vouchers.

Develop and Aim for KPIs

KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators, are a common way to measure and evaluate how well your business goals are being met. KPIs are usually things like how happy customers are, how long they stay as customers, and how much money they bring in. KPIs can help your business grow and be successful by holding you accountable for certain goals. From the point of view of the customer, some KPIs can help you track specific metrics to highlight areas for improvement.


Your customers are your business. Therefore it helps to make them feel appreciated. There are some easy ways to do this. You can increase customer experience at your business by creating a pleasant environment, offering new payment methods, and setting goals with KPIs.

Don’t forget to smile and listen to complaints. That way, you can make sure your customers have a great experience every time they visit your business.


Edel Alon
Edel Alon
Edel-Ryan Alon is a starving musician, failed artist, connoisseur of fine foods, aspiring entrepreneur, husband, father of two, geek by day, cook by night, and an all around great guy.


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