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5 Benefits Of Seasonal Eating 

As the weather changes, so do the food produced. That means some foods are more available during some seasons than others. Yet each season comes with a wonderful array of fresh foods you can enjoy or add to your meal plan. While industrialization has led to the supply of non-seasonal options, it’s also led to many people missing out on the benefits of eating with the seasons. If you want to adopt the habit of eating seasonally, here are some benefits you can expect to enjoy. 

Higher nutritional content

Foods grown and harvested during their natural seasons usually have better nutritional value. That’s because they are nutritionally denser than other off-season foods. Furthermore, off-season foods are forced into ripeness through unnatural means. And this causes them to skip their nutrient-building phase. Some off-season foods can spend as many as five days losing their nutrients because of the unnatural ripening processes they go through. Some studies, for example, found that broccoli grown during the peak Fall season had twice the Vitamin C content as the ones grown during Spring. 

Environmentally friendly and sustainable

Seasonal foods are more likely to be environmentally friendly, as their growing process does not require heavy doses of pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides. Also, because there are fewer to no toxic substances used, they don’t deplete the soil or contaminate surrounding water bodies. Additionally, you end up supporting local farmers or fish farmers in your area.

Seasonal eating also has sustainability benefits when you buy from ethical sources. That’s because producers, farmers, or fisherfolks don’t end up depleting their sources with unethical methods. A good example is Premier Catch which offers sustainable wild-caught seafood across different seasons. 

They are cheaper

Seasonal foods are also easy on the pocket. That’s because farmers harvest their foodstuffs in large quantities while dealing with a lower cost of production. Also, when the seasonal produce is locally sourced, it cysts off transportation and storage expenses, further reducing how much you will spend on the foodstuff. In most cases, out-of-season products have higher production costs and aren’t sourced locally. And every extra production expense is added to the price of the food.

They help you to vary your diet

Finding creative ways to add seasonal food to your meals is a great way to vary or broaden your diet. It stops you from eating the same food daily and opens you up to a world of new dishes. Moreover, it ensures that your meals are no longer boring as you try different recipes. That’s because it provides an opportunity to experiment with new recipes and cooking methods, making mealtime more interesting and enjoyable. By eating with the seasons, you can enjoy a balanced, diverse diet that supports your health and the environment.

Better taste and rich flavor

Seasonal foods taste much better, as they do not undergo artificial modification to grow them. They are fresher, sweeter, and go through the natural ripening process. That means they also offer a lot more flavor when you use them for your cooking, enhancing your meals as a result. 


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