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Starting A New Health Kick? Be Sure To Avoid These Pitfalls

Embracing a healthier lifestyle is one of the smartest decisions that you could ever make. However, most people give up within a matter of weeks due to a perceived lack of results. So, if you’re about to start yours, it’s vital that you take the necessary steps to avoid common pitfalls.

The harsh reality is that there are several common mistakes that could hold you back. This is despite the fact that they seem to make sense. Here are some of the most common offenders that you should know.

Focusing Solely On Calories

Weight loss, or rather fat loss, is the most common goal shared by health kick enthusiasts. Achieving a calorie deficit is the only way to successfully achieve this goal. However, it is not the only key ingredient in the recipe for success.

It is equally important to ensure that your diet will allow you to gain the right nutrients. After all, your body needs the fuel needed to perform. Not only in the gym but also with basic tasks from breathing to moving your body.

On a side note, you should investigate the threat of food allergies if there are signs that you may have an intolerance.

Working Out Only In The Gym

The gym is a great place to exercise, not least because you can combine cardio and strength training. However, you should not limit yourself to gym workouts. Embracing other forms of exercise will allow you to enjoy so many other features.

Exercising outdoors enables you to explore the world and enjoy the fresh air. A specialized bicycle shop can help you find a quality bike that lasts for many years too. So, once you’ve made the initial outlay, your ongoing cost will be minimal.

Team sports are another popular choice because they add a competitive edge and a social element. This can give you the motivation needed to stay on track.

Letting The Scale Dictate Your Progress

The scales are a good tool for tracking your weight loss or muscle gain activities. However, you should not let it become the only tool for monitoring your progress. Likewise, you should not get too obsessed with your reflection in the mirror.

It takes time for results to become noticeable, not least by you. This is why it is better to use performance-based goals. You can use various fitness tracking apps to see how your run times have improved. Or lifting heavier weights over the weeks can be useful too.

When you achieve performance-based improvements, body image changes will follow as a byproduct of this.

Following Short-Term Plans

Crash diets and short training programs can deliver noticeable changes. Sadly, they often lack any sense of sustainability, which is exactly why they are short-term ideas. If you want to see the best results, lifestyle changes are the solution.

When starting a plan, you should think about ideas that fit your lifestyle. It’s why concepts like cycle-to-work schemes can be very useful. Similarly, home workouts and convenient health meal preps are ideal. the key is to discover what works for you.

Otherwise, you will inevitably give up as soon as the first major hurdles appear. Start your health kick in style and your hopes of success will be greatly improved.


Edel Alon
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Edel-Ryan Alon is a starving musician, failed artist, connoisseur of fine foods, aspiring entrepreneur, husband, father of two, geek by day, cook by night, and an all around great guy.


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