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What to Do After Your Vehicle Crashes

Nobody plans to be in a collision, whether with another vehicle or due to a mechanical failure. However, sometimes things happen, and bad weather, poor circumstances, or driver error can lead to a potentially devastating crash.

Many people panic and make further mistakes, but you can improve the outcome by being calm and prepared for it. True, you might not have planned to be in a crash, but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t ready for it. 

With this in mind, here are some tips to help you to deal with the immediate aftermath of a collision.

Safety First

The first thing you should do is make sure that you and anyone else in the area are as safe as possible. If the vehicle isn’t safe and you can move, then exit the vehicle as soon as possible. Check yourself for injuries and look for the other driver or anyone else who may have been involved.

If you are injured or pinned and can’t move, then stay where you are and try to call for help. The same applies to other people. Spinal injuries are incredibly common in vehicle collisions, and they can be made worse by moving someone without the right equipment. If someone can’t move on their own, they may be injured in this way.

Phone Emergency Services

As soon as you can, phone emergency services. This might include paramedics to treat the injured, fire and rescue to help trapped people and make the scene safe, and police officers to control the scene and keep other people away. 

Even if you seem uninjured, it’s beneficial to get checked out by medical services. Adrenaline can mask injuries, and the sooner they get treated, the better. 


Another reason that immediate medical aid is helpful is that it helps any potential insurance or court case. Once the scene is secure and you’re safe, you should call your insurance company and tell them what has happened. 

Try to secure photographs of the scene and the contact details of anyone involved and any witnesses. You may need to talk to the police so that they can liaise with your insurance company. 

Vehicle Repair

The chances are that your car is much worse for wear after a major collision, but you’d be surprised at what can be repaired. Contact a local mechanic who can fix up your car and, almost as importantly, note down the damage accrued. 

Depending on your insurance policy and who was at fault for the accident, you may be able to get a courtesy car while your vehicle is in the shop.

The Aftermath 

Vehicle collisions aren’t just expensive, but they are traumatic and potentially life-changing. If you were injured, then you might be entitled to compensation. Your insurance company will help with this, but in some cases, it’s beneficial to get a lawyer involved.

For example, if the collision was caused by a commercial vehicle or truck, then a truck accident lawyer can help you to sue the company responsible for your medical fees, as well as other costs. This will help you to get back on your feet.


Edel Alon
Edel Alon
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