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4 Areas Where Businesses Easily Overspend

All businesses have to keep an eye on their financial standing. After all, with cash flow cited as a factor in the closure of 80% of businesses that fail, having a good understanding of incomings and outgoings is essential. 

While many businesses are usually pretty adept at keeping expenses to a minimum, there are a few areas where overspending is common. And that can be just as damaging as a reduction in sales since they essentially look the same on the balance sheet. In this post, we’ll outline five areas where businesses can find it easy to overspend, as well as offer some advice on how to avoid them. 


Businesses not only have to invest in staff, they should. After all, it’s the employees that will help to guide the business towards future success. Businesses often overspend on staffing, but not in the way they think. We’re not talking about salaries, which actually should take up a big chunk of the budget, but rather staff turnover. It costs significant sums to find, hire, and train a new recruit. Once it’s done, you should do more than hope that the employee is with you for a long time. By paying well, offering benefits, and creating a good company culture, you can ensure that your staff has no reason to leave. 



Some industries require specialist machinery and tools to be competitive. These, of course, can be a significant upfront investment for a business that’s still finding its feet. It’s easy to go overboard when spending in this area because, after all, the business needs the machinery to produce quality goods. One effective way to reduce these costs is to work with a robotic assembly manufacturer, which can give your business access to the machinery you need without breaking the bank. Plus, this approach usually results in faster implementation, too. 



You can see why businesses throw money at marketing. The thinking goes that the more money spent on marketing, the more people will notice the brand, and sales will increase. Alas, it’s not as simple as that. While that can be the case, it usually only happens if the marketing budget has been spent wisely. You’ll need to spend money to work with a digital agency, but it’s nearly always worth it since they’ll know exactly where the marketing budget should be allocated in order to be effective. If you’re going to spend money — and you are/should — then make sure it’s worth it!


Office Essentials

First of all, it’s questionable whether a large chunk of modern businesses even need an office. In an age when it’s easier than ever for employees to work from home, the days of renting individual, expensive offices may be coming to an end. If you do need an office, then getting smart about how much you allocate your office budget is recommended. For instance, you probably don’t need the latest Apple computers, or even new machines altogether. Buying second-hand/refurbished can be an effective way to keep costs under control. 


Edel Alon
Edel Alon
Edel-Ryan Alon is a starving musician, failed artist, connoisseur of fine foods, aspiring entrepreneur, husband, father of two, geek by day, cook by night, and an all around great guy.


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