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The Siege of Love

In the year 1870, the city of Paris was under siege. The Prussian army had surrounded the city, cutting off all supplies and communication with the outside world. Despite the hardships and uncertainty, love found a way to blossom in the midst of chaos. Chloe, a young zookeeper, cared for the animals. Her father, a restauranteur, was forced to serve zoo animals. And Max, a spy from Prussia, was sent to Paris to gather intel about the upcoming war.

As the siege finally came to an end and the city was taken over, Chloe and Max were faced with the reality of their situation. Max was a soldier, and Chloe was a zookeeper; they came from different worlds and had different futures ahead of them. But their love was strong, and they knew that they could overcome any obstacle if they had each other.

Guide to Being an Awesome Maid of Honor or Bridesmaid: How Not to Mess Up Your Best Friend’s Wedding

Congratulations on being selected to be a part of the bridal party as a bridesmaid or the maid-of-honor! This is a very important role and you should feel honored to have been chosen. Being part of the bridal party may seem to be a lot of fun but can involve a lot of expectations, work, and other responsibilities not shared in movies. Helping organize a wedding is not always easy since there are a lot of bumps and disagreements along the way. The big question is, do you know your roles as a bridesmaid or a maid-of-honor? This guide is designed to give you the quick-and-dirty: the essentials of being the perfect wedding party member — all in fifteen minutes or less.Times have changed and your mother’s ideas are old and new brides watch too much TV and will need more help than ever. TV has twisted our views on the amount of work needed to pull off a beautiful wedding.Your friend will need your help! At the same time, she won’t ask. This book covers some traditional expectations and many untold requests that brides have. Edel Alon is a project manager by trade and wedding enthusiasts. Over the past 20 years, he uses his project management skills to coordinate and plan amazing weddings. Edel has collected good, bad, funny, and horror stories from brides, maids, and maid-of-honors. This book dives into a summary of heartfelt stories of what brides wish they had and the tears that came when no one helped.

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