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2009-2010 Ocean View School Supply List

school supplies

Kindergarten Supply List
2 boxes of Crayola colored pencils
Crayola regular markers 24 count
Crayola thin markers 24 count
Fine point black markers (not permanent)
White glue 8oz.
4 pack- glue sticks (solid type)
Hand Sanitizer (unscented)
Bandaids: assorted 15-30 count
Facial tissues 1box
Disinfectant wipes

First Grade Supply List
3 Large size UHU or Elmers Glue sticks
Crayola Classic Colors Broad line Markers (box of 10)
Crayola Classic Colors Fine line Markers (box of 10)
Crayola Colored Pencils (box of 12)
Crayola Crayons (box of 24)
Box of 12 #2 pencils
Box of tissues
Baby wipes
Hand sanitizer
Clorox wipes

Second Grade Supply List
1 box of 8 Crayola broad-tipped markers, “classic” colors
1 box of 8 Crayola skinny markers, “classic” colors
1 box of 12 Crayola colored pencils
1 box of 24 Crayola crayons
1 dozen “Dixon – Ticonderoga”
5 glue sticks (solid type)
3 big pink erasers
3 skinny dry erase markers
1 container Clorox wipes
1 box Kleenex type tissues
1 bottle hand sanitizer
Optional Items:
Sandwich sized ziplock bags
Gallon sized ziplock bags
Paper plates (not “heavy duty” style)

Third Grade Supply List
12 inch ruler with both inches and centimeters marked (3rd grade only)
Box of 24 crayons (Classic Colors)
Box of 24 colored pencils
Box of colored markers (2nd grade)
3 big pink erasers
2 boxes good quality pencils (purchased from Office Depot or Staples)
2 glue sticks (solid type)
3 skinny dry erase markers
1 container of Clorox wipes
One box facial tissues

4th Grade Supply List
2- 1″ or 2″ 3 ring binder
2 set of 5 subject dividers with tabs
Pocket folders 1-red, 1-blue, 1-yellow, 1-green
#2 pencils, 1 box of quality pencils, NO MECHANICAL PENCILS
1-pencil sharpener with cover (for the shavings)
1 box Crayola colored pencils (classic colors)
1- colored pen for correcting (Not black-blue-yellow)
1 black, extra-fine line SHARPIE
1- highlighter (yellow)
Inexpensive calculator

5th Grade Supply List
1- three ring binder, 1 inch thick
1 set of 7 binder dividers with tabs
#2 pencils, 1 box of quality pencils, NO MECHANICAL PENCILS
1 box colored pencils
2 -black or dark blue ERASABLE ball point pens – NO GEL PENS
1-set of FINE TIPPED colored markers, classic colors
2- black, extra-fine line SHARPIE PERMANENT MARKER
Ruler – cm and inches
4 glue sticks
1- scissors
Inexpensive calculator

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