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Beer Can Chicken

I don’t normally buy fancy grilling supplies but I found a cool deal that I couldn’t refuse well more that I was shopping for insulated food gloves when I found a better deal for “less.”

I purchased the Charcoal Companion Poultry Roasting Set from Sur La Table. Grilling gloves normally go for about $19.99 and vertical chicken roasters go for about the same. I purchased this set for $29.99.

This set includes a dual vertical poultry-roasting pan with two removable and adjustable reservoirs, insulated food gloves, and two poultry buttons. Beer can chicken has been around for years and I’m a strong advocate to do it when possible. However, with some cans containing some kind of plastic lining, I’m wary of going with traditional methods.

I shopped around for other vertical roasters and found similar ones for about $19.99 but they were single roasters and didn’t have room for 2 chickens. The other cool thing about this roaster is how the canister is set into place. The canisters lock into place in a twist.

I’ll be using this roaster in a few days on the 4th of July. I’ll let you know what happens. As far as recipes, I’d go with your favorite rub and put a combination of apple juice, white wine, and beer to put into the canisters.

Here’s a description of the set:
The stainless steel dual vertical roasting pan lets you grill an entire meal at once, beer can chicken style. Simply fill the reservoirs with beer, wine or your favorite liquid. Twist corers onto pan to lock into place. Center one of two whole chickens or other poultry on top of the corers and place on the grill.

Add vegetables and herbs to the base of the pan during cooking. As the basting liquid heats up, poultry will be basted from the inside out, while vegetables absorb the juices as it all cooks together. The result is a tender and juicy meal without having to wait for room on the grill. (Set up grill for indirect grilling so that flame is not directly under roasting pan. WARNING: handles will get hot, use mitts when in use.) 15″ x 11″ x 1½”. Dishwasher safe, do not use metallic scrubbers.

The insulated food gloves are great for removing poultry from the cans and handling briskets, turkeys and other foods hot off the grill. These gloves are lighter and more flexible for greater dexterity, but well-insulated to shield your hands from the heat. Heat resistant to 248°F, not for use handling coals, hot grill grates or grill accessories. Hand wash with hot soapy water, hang dry.

The set of two poultry button reusable thermometers works in the oven and on the grill to promote food safety. Simply insert poultry button probe into the thickest part of the chicken or turkey. While the meat cooks, the needle on the buttons will move to align with the DONE indicator. Hand wash with hot water and soap, do not submerge in water or place in dishwasher. Do not place directly into the flame, do not use in a closed cooking environment above 450°F.

Sur La Table

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Edel Alon
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